It was an excellent turn out for this year’s Livingston County 4-H Contest Day. Special thanks to all the judges and Rich Hill 4-H for hosting the event. Congratulations to Liberty 4-H Club for having the highest percent of participation at this year’s event.
General - Blue State Fair –Jalynn Reeter (Tissue Paper Balls), Therese Taylor (Rabbit Showmanship), Brittney Mammen (How to do a Hair Bow), Krystalyn Peel (Cake Mix Cookies)
General – Blue – Leah Lourenco (How to Make a Lava Lamp)
General – Red – Julia Stimpson (How to Make Homemade Biscuits), Lane McDaniel (Brown Paper Bag Popcorn)
Electric – Blue State Fair – Josie Reeter ( No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies)
MO-Agri Products – Blue State Fair – Meredith Oesch (Breakfast Burritos)
Working Demonstrations:
Blue – State Fair –Sidney McWilliams (Recycled CD Decoration), Colton Hargrave (Changing Guitar Stings), Claire Shipp (Wood Burning), Madyson Eskew (Duct Tape Creations)
Blue – Alex Shipp (Drawing Dragons), Emmalee O’Dell (Duck Tape Art)
Public Speaking:
Prepared Speech – Senior - age 14-18 – Blue – State – Abby Burns (Anti-PETA)
PSA – Intermediate - age 11-13 – Blue – State –Meredith Oesch (Stop Motion Video)
Technology Assisted - Junior - age 8-10 – Blue – State – Seth Hansen (Lamb Care)
Technology Assisted – Intermediate - age 11-13 – Blue – State – Liberty Cox (One School . . . One 4-H Club . . . One Community), Jaylyn Broyles (How to Show and Care for a Steer at the Fair)
Red – Kyle Hansen (Game Warden)
Extemporaneous – Intermediate - age 11-13 – Blue ––Ashlee Mammen
Extemporaneous – Senior – age 14 up – Blue – State – Abby Burns
Red – Mackenzie Mammen, Michaela Mammen
Interpretation – Junior - age 8-10 – Blue – State- Lucas Campbell (Harry S Truman), Chloe Funk (Ella Ewing)
Red – Julia Stimpson (Sacajawea)
Blue – 1st place – Joe Johnson (Safari Pillow)
Red – Krystalyn Peel (Art Quilt Wall Hanging), Chloe Funk (Flower Quilt)
White – Gavin Funk (Red/White/Blue Patchwork)
Table Setting:
Junior - Age 8-11 – Blue – 1st –Alex Shipp (Medieval Banquet)
Intermediate - Age 11-13 – Blue - 1st –Meredith Oesch (State Fair Theme Appreciation Dinner),
Blue – Marley Anderson (Easter Breakfast), Krystalyn Peel (Birthday Party)
Red – Claire Shipp (Baby Shower Table)
Junior - Age 8-10 – Blue - 1st – Lucas Campbell (Horse Head)
Red – Lane McDaniel (Skylanders), Carson Crawford ( Post Card Collection)
Intermediate – Age 11-13 – Blue – 1st – Ashlee Mammen (Schooby-doo Collection)
Blue – Sidney McWilliams (Money Collection)
Red – Carleigh Crawford (Postcard Collection), Krystalyn Peel (Souvenir Pennies)
Senior – Age 14 up – Red – Clayton Campbell (Rocks)
Photo Contest:
Animal –Junior – age 8-10 - Blue – 1st – Lucas Campbell (Banana Slug)
Blue - Ethan Hoerr (Shaking Chicken), Skylar Stover (Baby Calf)
Red – Drake Heussner (Black Dog with Stick), Leah Lourenco (Dog)
Animal – Intermediate – age 11-13 – Blue – 1st – Mack Anderson (Bird in the Snow)
Blue – Jaylyn Broyles (Horse), Terryn Dodson (Black/White Horse at Fense)
Person –Junior – age 8-10 - Blue – 1st – Gavin Funk (Boy and Lure)
Blue – Kortney Nelson (Boy and Dog)
Person – Intermediate – age 11-13 – Blue – 1st – Kaylie Campbell (Muddy Boots)
Landscape –Junior – age 8-10 - Blue – 1st – Gunner Harrison (Black/White Waterfall)
Blue – Abby Hoerr (Icicles), Chloe Funk (Moon)
Red – Julia Stimpson (Landscape Sunset)
Landscape – Intermediate – age 11-13 – Blue – 1st – Marley Anderson (Old Gas Pump)
Blue – Kaitlyn Heussner (Birdhouse), Sidney McWilliams ( Mushroom)
Landscape – Senior – age 14 up – Blue – 1st – Amanda Waits (Sap Drop)
Red – Clayton Campbell (Missouri River in South Dakota)
Skill-a-thons Participants:
Hannah Haakonstad, Addie Ficken, Carleigh Crawford, Gunner Harrison, Clayton
Campbell, Lucas Campbell, Ellie Barnett
Clover Kid Activities:
Dressed and Ready to Go – Jaden Funk, Carver Crawford, Carter Crawford, Dillion O’Dell, Victoria O’Dell, Bryton BeVelle, Tristin Harrison, Chloe McGraw, Harlee Beck, Alikai Richey, Ian Trussell, Azriel Murphy, Tori O’Dell, Jaycie Stimpson
Demonstration –Ruger Cox (Paper Art), Alikai Richey (Pie), Ian Trussell (Lego), Alijah Hibner (Applesauce), Azriel Murphy (Cake), Jaycie Stimpson (Trapping), Jackson Reeter (Traveling Marble), Jessica Reeter (Traveling Marble), Lyla Oesch (Easy Bake Oven)
Photo – Maci Stover, Dillon O’Dell,
Collection – Ian Trussell
Speech – Maci Stover
Judging – Jaden Funk, Carver Crawford, Carter Crawford, Dillon O’Dell, Bryton BeVelle, Ruger Cox, Chloe McGraw, Alijah Hibner, Tori O’Dell, Jaycie Stimpson