A kind man changes a dogs abandonment into a lucky day.

As we entered an entryway to a local business, I noticed a man down on one knee, stroking an obviously frightened young dog.  The brown and black dog's body language, ears laid back, tail between his legs, eyebrows questioning, sent all the information we needed to know this fellow was confused and afraid.  The man stroked and scratched this dog, and the dog leaned into him.  Another man kept advising, "Take him home. The guy dumped him!  He's a nice dog.  Take him."

Some employees came out to see what was happening.  One said she would call the animal control.

That seemed to push the decision.

A couple more scratches behind the ears, and a pat, and the good man picked up the trembling dog and headed for his car.  A lucky day for an abandoned dog.

What would motivate someone to dump a dog?  Especially on one of those well below zero days?  Was it the cost of food and veterinary care?  Did the dumper struggle with the decision?  Is he an uncaring, cruel person?  We will never know if he hoped that dumping the dog at a busy store was the best he choice he had, and hoped the result would be as it was---a kind person took the dog home.

As the man carried the dog to his car, the dog licked his cheek.    

I can not help but wonder about all the children who also need help through no fault of their own.  I was recently informed that there are nearly 400 homeless children in Bismarck!   In this prosperous time in North Dakota, allowing children to be homeless or hungry is a Sin.  Where are the kindly people who will help the homeless children, the children who are hungry, the children who are abused, unloved, and unwanted?  When the next election comes around, remember those legislators who voted against free milk for poor pre-schoolers.