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by Antonio Prokup
Will You Swim with Me?
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By Antonio Prokup
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March 26, 2013 11:33 a.m.

I love water, and I love to swim. I am a much better swimmer under water than I am
above. I have not been able to learn or master the swimming strokes. However, under
water I am experienced and comfortable. Many people, like my mom, are afraid of
being under the water. They seem to be frightened of their lack of skill and then panic.
I am just the opposite. When I am moving around the world, in most cases, I am
anxious and uncomfortable to the point of avoidance. But under water I am relaxed and
So, if I could live under water, I would be just as normal as the next guy.
We would not communicate with talking but communicate through gestures, body
language, and eye movements. We would always be moving from place to place
therefore developing our bodies and keeping them healthy. We would be able to
discover a whole new world together, and for once in my life I could be the leader. We
would travel together and depend on each other and become con?dants and build a
true friendship. We would live and survive because no one would be excluded;
everyone would belong to the group and thrive because of that connection.
Living under water is a nice dream, but realistically I don't want to live anywhere
without my mom, so either she learns to swim, or I am stuck coming up for air every now and then!

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