Several cost-saving measure are being continued and/or implemented as a way to produce savings for the City of Chillicothe in the next budget year.

Chillicothe City Council members approved the annual budget during a meeting Monday evening at City Hall. City Administrator Holland noted several cost-saving programs taking place within the city.

Correctional Center Partnership: The city will reinstate the inmate labor to the street and parks department. Three inmates daily for 90 days equates to 2,160 man-hours, at minimum wage, this equals $15,660. The inmate will cost the city $7.50 per day, or $2,025 for the 90 days’ worth of labor. The city utilizes anywhere from three to nine inmates daily currently. “This is a terrific service agreement the city has with the local correctional facility,” Holland said. Estimated Savings: $13,000.

Efficiency: Reduce the automotive and heavy equipment fleet overall in the city. Estimated savings in the thousands in more fuel efficient vehicles and reduce maintenance and man-hours working on this aged equipment. Estimated Savings: Thousands annually.

911 Service: The new agreement with the county and providing 911 services will generate over $200,000 yearly over the next 10 years. This fund could increase to as much as $300,000 annually if state legislation passes in the near future.

Selling Property: The city will sell unneeded parcels of property that were formally residential properties, properties in the city inventory that are not used/needed, and the agreement with Pepsi will result in the sale of that parcel for a minimum of $175,000 this year. The former hospital will be empty by March 1, 2014, and the city will need to demolish it and sell property as well.