The Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously voted to support Medicaid expansion in Missouri.  The Board has been considering the issue since its February meeting – studying options, researching issues and educating itself on the impact this proposal will have on the businesses not only in Chillicothe but in the State of Missouri as well.  

According to Gov. Nixon’s office, Missouri taxpayers will be paying for this expansion whether or not the State chooses to be a participant. Missouri’s participation insures it will continue to receive federal Medicaid monies for this program at the rate of 100 percent for the first three years, and on a sliding scale over the next seven years, to a 90/10 reimbursement rate.  

The impact to the local economy, without passage of this proposal, could be a $3.4 million cut to the local hospital, Hedrick Medical Center.

The Chillicothe Area Chamber is a member organization of nearly 275 businesses in Northwest Missouri with a mission to promote, foster and encourage the industrial, commercial, civic, educational, social-cultural betterment and general economy of the Chillicothe area; to create and maintain a compact representative and centralized agency for concerted action upon all matters affecting the betterment of conditions and the general welfare of Chamber members.