Livingston County voters on Tuesday elected three directors for the Livingston County Health Center.

Livingston County voters on Tuesday elected three directors for the Livingston County Health Center. Four candidates filed for the three open positions. The top vote-getters were Darlene Hughes with 706 votes, Doug Doughty with 672 votes, and Marilyn Brodmerkle with 669 votes. Alvina Benskin received 649 votes. Less than 1 percent separated Benskin from the Doughty and Brodmerkle. The health center has five directors. The other two directors currently serving are Harry Lockridge and Sandy Hart. Other selected election results within Livingston County only are as follows: City of Chula — four write-in votes for south ward alderman. For north ward alderman, Larry Ward received 8 votes and Thomas Weitzel received 3 votes. City of Wheeling — Darrin Fravel received 11 votes for mayor. Kenny Mitchell received five votes for the position of east ward councilperson, and there were 2 write-in votes cast. Gary Wayman received four votes for west ward councilperson. Town of Ludlow — Voters were to elect two individuals for board member posts. Alan Miles was the lone candidate and received 19 votes. There were 14 write-in votes cast. Village of Utica — Voters were to elect three individuals to the board of trustees. Jason Moore received 14 votes and Jeff McCoy received 12 votes. There were 24 write-in votes cast. Mooresville Township Fire Protection District — No one filed the two open seats. There were 39 write-in votes for the six-year term, and 38 write-in votes for the four-year term. Voters in Ambulance District No. 6 selected Alvin Roger Thompson as a director. Thompson received 165 votes, compared to Pat Henry’s 152 votes. The district takes in the townships of Cream Ridge, Green, Jackson, Monroe, Mooresville and Sampsel, as well as a portion of Chillicothe Township. Rich Hill Township voters elected David L. Beck as trustee. For board members, voters elected Rick “Sarge” Ralls with 47 votes, and Rick Surber with 40 votes. They won over Jarrod Marshall with 38 votes, and Aaron Peel with 29 votes.