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Tourism and Historic Preservation Recognition Awards
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By Go Boonville
Kate Fjell and Sherry Broyles have been promoting Boonville tourism for years. With their efforts, tourism has continued to grow each year enchanting people from all over the world with the charm that Boonville offers.
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By Go Boonville
April 5, 2013 2:19 p.m.

The Tourism Commission and Historic Preservation Advisory Commission are accepting nominations for several community awards recognizing the hard work and efforts of those who make our town such a great place to live, work and play! These are the folks that make Sherry and I’s job easy and so much fun.
The Tourism Commission saw what fun Historic Preservation was having recognizing the efforts of citizens and wanted to get into the act- so this is their first year. They are accepting nominations for the following awards:
  • Ambassador Award recognizes an individual, group or business whose long-term contributions (minimum of 10 years) have positively affected tourism in Boonville and Cooper County.
  • Hall of Fame is presented to an individual, group or business who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to tourism. The nominee’s work should have left a lasting impression on the local tourism industry.
  • Special Event Award is presented to a festival, fair or other special celebration. Nominees can be a new or an established event that promotes tourism activity in Cooper County.
  • Hospitality Award is presented to the individual or business who has demonstrated a willingness and ability to go “beyond the call of duty” in service to Cooper County visitors.
  • The Historic Preservation Commission is accepting nominations for the following:

  • Residential Rehabilitation/ Renovation: For residential property owners who improved their exterior, and saved or preserved unique architectural features. This category includes both multi-family and single family properties.
  • Commercial Rehabilitation/ Renovation: For commercial property owners, who improved an exterior commercial space, saved or preserved unique architectural features, or brought a derelict commercial building into productive use for the community.
  • Work in Progress: This award goes to an individual who has a residential or commercial project started in 2012 but is not yet completed. The work thus far has brought out the unique features of the building or resurrected a building that has believed to be beyond salvageable.
  • Notable Properties: Properties will be recognized for contributing to our community’s historical character. This can be residential, commercial, government, or community. The property can be endangered, derelict, recently restored, or well maintained and can be modest or grand. Additionally, if a property has been lost, but is significant to Boonville’s history the Commission will also take those nominations this year.
  • All nominations are due by Monday, April 15th and forms can be downloaded from the Boonville City website or collected at City Hall or the Depot. This is your chance to thank a neighbor, coworker, friend, favorite organization, church or any one for their hard work. Shop Local, Play Local, and Go Boonville!

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