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After viewing the weather for an hour and finding the conditions on I-94 less than optimal, I decided to get a hotel room. Bonanza! The Hilton had a room for $68. So, I have been toodling around downtown Minneapolis today. I ate at my favorite restaurant downtown, Zelo, and am now enjoying my 15th floor view of the snow removal operations in the city. I do like to be around the activity. Spent the afternoon at Barnes and Noble on Nicollet and had the pleasure of watching an 80-year-old woman tear into a young cell phone user who was disturbing the entire second floor of the store. "You are rude!" she said. "You have no manners!" She was right. And the young man shut up in shame, as he should have. Nice suit nonwithstanding, he was being a jerk. He blushed as she tore into him, so at least he had some shame.

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