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After two days in the Twin Cities, I was to drive home this afternoon. However, things look nasty in central Minnesota, and I have no desire to push things. I might just stay over. Like a cat, if I am in, I want out, if I am out, I want in: I thought about staying down here a bit, but now that it is forced upon me, I find I want to forge my way home. Stupid impulses.
This morning was a slush fest as I struggled to a meeting. Got there 1/2 hour late. Then found a Tibetan restaurant on Nicollet Ave. with a parking space out front. Ordered some pork noodle soup, which was outstanding. Fresh veggies in a broth with strips of grilled pork. Very healthy, I am allowing myself to imagine.
Last night, met my cousin and her partner at a Thai place in the Seward neighborhood. We said hot, and they spiced it up! I think it cleared my chest, which was still rattling.
Earlier in the day, I dropped of a friend in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. I had never been there, either. So many little neighborhoods to explore in the Cities.
Traffic has been bearable. I think the Minneapolis freeway system is engineered a little funny: I don't know anywhere else where you compete with traffic merging onto the freeway for a hundred yards as you try to exit the freeway. It gets stressful.
This morning, I cleared the snow of the car, got on the freeway and immediately pulled all the way to the left because I knew I would be on that route for quite a while. However, when it came time to slide right, I found out I hadn't cleaned off the right rear-view mirror. I couldn't see a thing to my right. So, I just signalled and waited for a horn to honk.
One hour on the streets this morning. That's enough for now. I am drinking coffee at the Dunn Bros. coffee shop on N. Washington, trying to decide where to go next.

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