Animal neglect charges were filed Tuesday against two Mooresville residents.

Animal neglect charges were filed Tuesday against two Mooresville residents.
Anita Frazier, 58, and Mishell Blomenkamp, 65, are charged with  a misdemeanor charge each of animal neglect and a misdemeanor charge each of abandonment of an airtight container. The animal neglect charge alleges that the individuals had 12 dogs and knowingly failed to provide adequate care of them by failing to provide adequate food and water for the animals in their custody.
The charges result from an investigation on March 29, when members of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in the 800 block of Cherry Street in Mooresville, regarding a report of alleged animal neglect. 
The search warrant resulted in the seizure of 13 dogs/puppies from the home, according to Sheriff Steve Cox.  The investigation also revealed a full-size abandoned freezer/refrigerator on the property.
The allegations suggesting animal neglect are related to the conditions within and around the home, according to Cox. The deputies were required to wear hazardous material full-body suits due to the volume of rotting trash, urine, feces, and possibly mold inside the home, Cox said.
The Livingston County Humane Society assisted the sheriff’s office in transporting, seeking vet care, and boarding the dogs.
The sheriff has spoken with the county commission, prosecuting attorney, and health department regarding the ability to condemn the property due to health and welfare issues for the community.  The sheriff has learned that none of the current ordinances or laws provide for any relief to the community at this time.
The investigation report was submitted to Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren and formal charges were filed Tuesday in Livingston County Associate Court.
This information was not able to be released until the filing of formal charge(s) which took place today.