Over $1 million in scholarships and awards received by 2013 CHS Senior Class

More than $1 million in college awards and scholarships were presented at the 2013 Senior Awards Assembly held Friday at Gary Dickinson Performing Arts Center. State and college dollars totaled $1,103,550 for the class of 2013, with a local total of $180,500.
This year's total college amount increased by $85,526 over last year's $1,018,024. Local scholarships more than doubled from last year's $87,900, increasing by $92,600.
Senior Grant Peterson began the assembly by reading the senior poem.
CHS Principal Brian Sherrow gave the welcome and opening remarks. At that time, scholarships were presented.
The first award presented was the Darin Bryan Memorial Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship, presented by Dan and Mary Bryan. The scholarship in the amount of $250 was awarded to Hannah Thieme and David Hershberger.
Marty and Gary Hawkins then presented two Amy Hawkins Fine Arts Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to Anna Pitchford and Caela Ashford.
The Shawn M. Trager Memorial Scholarship, presented by Matt Trager and Angel Dennis, in the amount of $1,000, was awarded to Blake Rasmussen.
Dan Leatherman and Randy Dean presented Elizabeth McCoy with the KCHI-Leatherman Communications Scholarship in the amount of $500.
"A" for Achievement Awards, in the amount of $200 each, were presented by Dan Leatherman, KCHI, and Noel Gott of Investor's National Bank. These awards were presented to Quinten Adams, Kyle Bagley, Lane Clark, Grant Peterson, Emily Rosenbach, Caela Ashford, Abbey Brinkley, David Hershberger, Chase Reeter and Maura Sturguess.
The Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship, presented by Mark Simmer of Chillicothe State Bank, was awarded to Maura Sturguess in the amount of $500.
* A new scholarship, presented by Nikki Norman and Shelley Reed, was the Livingston County Republican Women's Kathleen "Kay" Somerville Memorial Scholarship, awarded to David Hershberger and Alec Whiteside in the amount of $500 each.
The FCS Financial Scholarship, in the amount of $1,000, was awarded to Troy Toedebusch and was presented by Jordan Harmon.
Wade Buckert and Chris Vansickle presented the Con Agra Mike Harper Leadership Scholarship. The award in the amount of $1,500 (x4) was presented to Nikki Hague.
Lisa Wilson presented the $500 Beta Zeta Scholarship to Katie Milanovich.
Ed Turner presented the Jerry Litton Leadership Scholarships, one in the amount of $5,000 to Grant Peterson; and a second in the amount of $3,000 to Bridgett Kieffer.
Mayor Chuck Haney presented the Virginia Wall Scholarships: $3,000 to Caela Ashford and $2,000 to Grant Peterson.
Shawn Murphy presented the Livingston County 4-H Scholarship to Orren Beck in the amount of $250.
Savannah Phillips presented the Chillicothe Teacher Association Scholarships in the amount of $100 each to the following students: Tanner Jones, Chelsea Price, Bridgett Kieffer, Alec Whiteside, Madison Williams, Katie Milanovich, Carley Anderson, Maura Sturguess and Samantha McKiddy.
Brian Wills presented Rotary scholarships in the amount of $500 each to the following students: Vince Moore Scholarship presented to David Hershberger; Ralph Moore Scholarship to Lane Clark; Leland Fair Scholarship to Brooks Sturm; Bob and Helen Smith Scholarship to Bridgett Kieffer and Tom Clark Scholarship to Jordan Huddleston.
The Lloyd Hibner Memorial Scholarship was presented to Lane Clark by Shelley Hayen and Lee and Lonnie Hibner in the amount of $1,500.
Pam Brobst presented the St. Joseph Academy Alumni Association Scholarship to Bridget Kieffer in the amount of $250.
Julie Bothwell presented Brice Griffin with the Kenneth and Eugenia Churchill Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $5,000.
The American Legion Auxiliary #25 Scholarship, in the amount of $500, was presented to Alec Whiteside. The award was presented by Mary Underwood and Sue Warren.
Ed Allender and Larry Warren of the Vern R. Glick American Legion Post #25 presented Trey Van Houtan with a $250 American Legion Speech Contest Award.
Kiwanis Key Club scholarships were presented by Chuck Shouse in the amount of $250 each and were presented to Bridgett Kieffer and David Hershberger.
Chillicothe Elks Lodge 656 Scholarships were presented by Martha Berry and Brian Murrell. Lane Clark received the Bill Tharp Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Bridgett Kieffer was awarded the Tanner Edmundson Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Blake Rasmussen was awarded the Max Littrell Scholarship in the amount of $750. Steffany Gramenz was awarded the Williard Renzelman Scholarship in the amount of $750. D.J. Gannon was awarded the Joe Murrell Scholarship in the amount of $500. Shelby Bush was awarded the Wanda Murrell Scholarship in the amount of $500. Emily Rosenbach was awarded the Stanley Dewitt Scholarship in the amount of $500. Leslee Mehrhoff-Moore was awarded the Tegan Edmundson Scholarship in the amount of $500. Maura Sturguess was awarded the Jim Stinson Scholarship in the amount of $500. Wade Dietz was awarded the Patrick J. Anderson Scholarship in the amount of $500.
Eloise Wade presented the DAR Good Citizen Award for $100 to Bridgett Kieffer and also the DAR Olive Prindle Chapter Scholarship to Bridgett in the amount of $200.
Cindy Baker presented the Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Scholarship to Alec Whiteside in the amount of $1,000.
Kristi Christy presented the Missouri Outstanding FCCLA Leadership award in the amount of $2,000 to Hanna Thieme and also the Charles and Annie Hughes Scholarship in the amount of $200.
Mary Jones presented Caleb Hearon with a $200 Mary E. Jones Scholarship.
Dustin Buell presented United Methodist Church Scholarships: Jessie Gibson Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 to Katie Lyon; Walt Tyner Miller Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $850 to Maura Sturguess and UMC Doris and Forrest Sensenich Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $750 to Alec Whiteside.
The Bill Plummer Scholarship was presented by Andrea Graves of the Constitution-Tribune in the amount of $750 to Nikki Hague.
Andrea Graves also presented the Bob Carter Memorial Scholarship to Madison Williams in the amount of $1,000.
Donna Buzard presented the Chuck Hinchey Scholarship in the amount of $750 to David Hershberger.
Buzard also presented CEA Scholarships to Quentin Adams and Brooks Sturm in the amount of $300 each.
Buzard then presented the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship to Shelby Bush for $300.
Cindy Baker presented a handful of awards beginning with the Murphy, Watson and Burr Scholarship to Lane Clark for $500.
Baker also presented MFA Foundation Scholarship to Tanner Jones in the amount of $2,000.
She then presented the Hugo Dickerson Memorial Scholarships to Hannah Thieme and Keara Hopper in the amount of $1,000 each.
Debby Peery then took a turn handing out awards. She presented the GRTS Tech Prep Scholarship from Investor's National Bank, to Colton Seaman in the amount of $250.
Peery then awarded the James B. and Gladys L. Glover Health Services Scholarships to Jessica Maasdam and Keara Hopper in the amount of $500 each.
She then awarded the Livingston Co. AFA Scholarships to Cyrsten Lollar and Derek Gray in the amount of $4,200 each.
Peery presented the $100 Breaking Traditions Award to Blake Rasmussen.
Four students received CNA certificates, also presented by Peery. Those recipients are Jessica Maasdam, Jason Vandamme, Kaitlyn Garr and Morgan Cairns.
Peery then passed the microphone to Cindy Baker, who presented many of the afternoon's large awards.
The Nickolas W. Marsch and Nina O. Scott Marsch Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Alec Whiteside in the amount of $400.
The $2,000 Cramer and Jeanette Mansur Science Scholarship was awarded to Lane Clark.
Brooks Sturm was the recipient of the Cynthia Casebeer Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was presented by Baker in the amount of $1,000.
Derek Gray was the recipient of the $500 Carole L. Stone Memorial Scholarship.
Baker then presented 10 students with Eugene Mansfield Memorial Scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000. Recipients of this scholarship include Carley Anderson, Lane Clark, Nikki Hague, Katie Milanovich, Maura Sturguess, Kelsey Baker, Steffany Gramenz, Keara Hopper, Chelsea Price and Alec Whiteside.
Two students were awarded the Stanley R. and Elsie A. Scruby Scholarships. David Hershberger and Brooks Sturm were the recipients in the amount of $1,500 each.
The $3,000 Louis H. "Judy" and Margaret F. Stein Scholarship was awarded to Hannah Thieme.
Next, Baker awarded two students with Hagan Scholarships. These scholarships are in the amount of $10,000 and are eligible for renewal every four years. Recipients were Chelsea Price and Maura Sturguess.
Dan Nagel then awarded a group of students in both academics and extra curricular activities. Three students received Marine Corps awards. Chase Reeter was the recipient of the Distinguished Athlete Award. Anna Pitchford was the recipient of the Semper Fidelis Musical Excellence Award. Emily Rosenbach was the recipient of the Scholastic Excellence Award.
Two students took home U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Awards. Those recipients include Samantha McKiddy and Grant Peterson.
Nagel also presented the MSHSAA Award of Excellence to Madison Williams and D.J. Gannan.
Lastly, Nagel presented a group of 18 students with MEC Academic All-Conference Awards. Recipients are: Kelsey Baker, Madison Condron, David Hershberger, Sarah Hussey, Samantha McKiddy, Grant Peterson, Maura Sturguess, Hannah Thieme, Troy Toedebusch, Lane Clark, D.J. Gannan, Jordan Huddleston, Cyrsten Lollar, Justin Metry, Chase Reeter, Brooks Sturm, Brooke Thomas and Johnson Young.
Lisa Rule took the stage next to present this year's Outstanding Thespian Award to Brooks Sturm.
The Senior Hat and Garter were handed down from the class of 2013 to the class of 2014. Senior Alec Whiteside presented the Senior Hat to Junior Matt Sturm. Senior Katie Milanovich presented the Garter to Junior Erynn Skoglund.
The Installation of Senior Class Officers closed Friday's assembly. Outgoing officers passed the flame of their candles to the new officers. Outgoing officers include Bridgett Kieffer, President; Abbey Brinkley, Vice President; and Katie Milanovich, Secretary. Incoming officers are: Alan Kline, President; Isis Baker, Vice President; and Savanna Shriver, Secretary.
For a full list of awards and scholarships, see the Monday, May 13, edition of the Constitution-Tribune.