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by Antonio Prokup
Treasured Memories
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By Antonio Prokup
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May 14, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Someones junk may be another person's treasure. Most things I
treasure, may seem undesirable to others but to me they are special.
The one item I treasure probably more than any other is the candles I
have in my room.
When my Grunda and Papa died, the funeral home
graciously offered us the opportunity to purchase large candles with
pictures of my grandparents on the glass candle holder. My candles
are both placed on my dresser and fortunately sitting far away from
the window. This fact has kept them from fading so the pictures are
still bright and beautiful.
We have only lit the candles once so not to
use up all the wax. I love that I am able to look at Grunda and Papa's
healthy and glowing faces and remember their presence in my life.
What great memories I have of both. Their light will forever glow in
my room and in my heart!

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