Gas prices continue to rise Chillicothe and the surrounding area.

Gas prices continue to rise Chillicothe and the surrounding area.
At press time this morning (Wednesday), the cost per gallon of premium unleaded fuel was $4.04. Amy Gilgour, an accounting representative with the Chillicothe Hy-Vee, said prices have never been this high in this area.
While gas prices do see some seasonal increase heading into the summer months, AAA spokesman Mike Right said the latest spike has little to do with trends.
"The problem in your area is a shortage of fuel," Right explained. "There are refineries down in Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and maybe some in Texas. Chillicothe's fuel comes out of Kansas and Oklahoma. That's why you're seeing a severe price in gas. For example, the St. Louis area isn't seeing this kind of hike in fuel prices. It has nothing to do with the time of year."
Right believes this will be a short-term situation for the affected area which spreads from Northern Missouri into parts of Minnesota.
"It's very unfortunate, but hopefully this will be short in terms of duration," Right said. "As long as refineries get back online and produce what they usually produce, you should see a noticeable decrease. This is an anomaly."
Gas prices in Chillicothe have been on the rise for the last month. On April 25, the price was $3.19 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline.