11 R-2 district retirees honored for service

Eleven members of the Chillicothe R-2 School District faculty and staff are set to retire following the end of this school year.
At their regular meeting last night (Tuesday), the Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education, with help from State Rep. Mike Lair, honored these retirees with plaques and certificates for their combined 271 years of service to the district. These retiring faculty and staff members include: Terri Figg, 26 years of service to the district; Laurie Hardie, 18 years; Deanna Morgan, 19 years; Susan Norris, 32 years; Mary Pauley, 15 years; Tami Riekena, 30 years; Tim Riekena, 29 years; Cecil Samm, five years; Linda Wolf, 19 years; Roger Wolf, 36 years; Ron Wolf, 42 years.
Also at Tuesday night's meeting, the board approved the perusal of a COPS Grant. This grant, in cooperation with the Livingston County Sheriff's Department, would bring a second school resource officer into the district. The R-2 district would be responsible for 25 percent of the cost of the second officer during the three-year grant. The grant would require the district to cover the full cost of this officer for at least another year after the grant. According to Superintendent Roger Barnes, the salary for a second officer would be around $28,000. Barnes said there is a general consensus within the district that another officer is needed.
"We have visited with the principals," Barnes said. "They are all in agreeance that another resource officer would be very helpful. Mike Lewis (district resource officer) will echo that. Mike gets stretched pretty thin at times trying to cover the entire district."
The board also took a step toward better security in the middle school with the use of technology by approving a $29,700 bid from SMC. This bid will outfit the campus with a high-definition security camera system. The system includes two IP recording servers with four-to-eight terabyte storage, one 24-port PoE switch on the west side of the school, two 16-port PoE switches on the east side of the campus, 24 indoor 1080P high-definition fixed lens cameras, 10 indoor 1080P high-definition varifocal cameras, one hemispheric camera and one outdoor varifocal camera.
The board heard a report from the insurance committee regarding employee health insurance, and voted to stay with the district's current plan with minor adjustments. This would be a $1,250 deductible. Barnes said co-pay and the entire insurance plan itself, for the most part, stays the same. The real difference is the deductible and the premium plan. Currently, the monthly premium is $493, with$410 of that amount being paid by the district. The employee picks up the remaining $83. It would move to the district covering $420 dollars, and the employee covering $100. Their total premium per month would be $520.
The board also approved changes to the faculty and staff salary schedule. Last month, the board heard from the salary and welfare committee which asked for a $1,000 increase to Base A. Barnes recommended a $750 increase to Base A. This increase would create a 4.481 percent raise in faculty and staff salary. This would include the health insurance plan also approved by the board at Tuesday night's meeting.
The board accepted a bid from Paper 101 out of Ankeny, Iowa, to service the district's copy paper needs for the 2013-14 school year. The district plans to purchase 840 cases of copy paper, the equivalent of a semi trailer load, at $22.86 per carton. The total cost of this bid is $19,202.40.
The board approved changes to the 2013-14 calendar. The consensus of the board was that the decision to return from winter break on Jan. 7 of this year, combined with the large number of snow days, was the cause for the R-2 district to remain in session until May 30. To combat this issue, the board voted to change the return date after winter break in the 2013-14 school year to January 2. The possibility of moving up the start date to the school year was discussed, but with many students attending the Missouri State Fair in mid-August, no action was taken at this time. The first day of classes for the 2013-14 school year will be Wednesday, Aug. 21.
Lastly, the board accepted a bid from Lauhoff Construction for repairs to a driveway at Grand River Technical School. The $24,189 bid would cover both sections of the driveway, which includes a $480 discount if Lauhoff is contracted for both sections. Barnes said much of the cost would be covered by money left in vocational and capital improvement funds.