The exterior of the building will begin to resemble the final product over the next few months

As the snow has finally moved on and as summer peaks around the corner, construction of the new Hedrick Medical Center continues to progress. Matt Wenzel, CEO, Hedrick Medical Center, reports on the current changes happening to the new facility.
In the last update made by Wenzel, he spoke about the structural steel framing, concrete slab-on-grade, and slab-on-deck all being completed. Underground plumbing and electrical work have been completed, as well as fireproofing and exterior framing. The roof on the hospital is finished, and the roof on the medical office building will be completed within the next month. The windows and glass are also being installed as crews try to get the building enclosed. 
"If you’ve driven by recently, you’ve probably noticed the exterior color changing from purple to yellow," stated Wenzel. "This yellow coloring is part of the external wall construction, and will act as a protective moisture barrier. Soon the appearance of the exterior will change again as the mortar goes up, and you will begin to see what the finished product will look like."
Internally, the walls are being framed, overhead duct work and low-voltage systems are being installed, and in-wall electrical and plumbing work is underway. Drywall has even started going up in certain areas.
The exterior of the building will begin to resemble the final product over the next few months, reports Wenzel. Stonework is scheduled to begin in June, and in July  sidewalks and parking lots will be paved.  
"We will continue taking the hospital managers out to the new facility to tour the site so they can familiarize themselves with how their respective departments will be set-up and where they will be located," said Wenzel.  "Coordination meetings with the City, the contractors, the engineers, and the architects take place on a monthly basis to ensure everyone stays on the same page and on schedule."
"Every time I drive by the new facility, I get excited about what the future holds for Hedrick, the community of Chillicothe, and the surrounding region," said Wenzel. "I hear the excitement out in the community as well as around our current facility. Although there are a lot of questions surrounding health care on a national level, one thing is certain, the people of Chillicothe and the surrounding region will receive high quality health care in a state-of-the-art facility for years to come."
Visit the project website,, for more detailed information.  Updated photos of the facility, video animation of the facility rendering, and up-to-date on project news will be posted.