I'm a girl, but sometimes I hate shopping.

Today we went shopping for bridesmade dresses for my brothers wedding.  I hated everything about the idea.  I know that dresses in my size are hard to find and all of the other bridesmaids are tall and thin and by tall..I mean one of them is 6'2".  I told the attendent my size and the first dress she brought me was three sizes to small.  I hated it. HATED IT.  Then she brought me two sizes bigger, which still isn't the size I said.  Little did I know, it fit!!!!! I was excited.

However, then I looked in the mirror and wasn't a fan.  Dress shopping is something that is supposed to be fun, but it wasn't. I need to lose weight, I'm aware of that.  I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid.

On another note, we, as in Travis, Corbin, and myself, attended a wedding in Grand Forks this last weekend.  I saw several people I knew and several that felt they "knew all about me" from when I was on TV.  Many said I'm looking great.  It was weird for me to think that I was looking good when really nothing has changed.

Then, I thought more positively.  A lot of statistics says that on average, people gain 10lbs a year.  I gained twolbs and that's not bad. It could have been 10.  That's a plus right?