When Missouri temperatures turn hot and muggy, you pretty much know, it's fair time. The 98th Annual Prairie Home Fair starts this week, July 10-13 and the Cooper County Youth Fair is July 24-27.  The Missouri State Fair, Chick’s Dig It, is August 8 - 18. There'll be queen contests, truck and tractor pulls, carnival rides, horse shows, and great entertainment. Two things everyone loves about a fair - you can wear what you want and you can eat what you want. Seems all restraints are off, come fair time. 

This is hard for me, a self proclaimed fashion police-person, but there are NO fashion rules at the fair.  Flip-flops (pedicure suggested), muscle shirts (please have muscles), cut-offs (so 70's), tube tops (please be 12 or under), and overalls (for real farmers and babies only) are all acceptable attire.  So let your hair down (brush it) and head to the fair - but NO pajama pants please. 

The most notable fair foods are corn dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, funnel cakes and candied apples. Over the years vendors have gotten more and more creative with food.  Here's a list of foods you might enjoy. Deep fried Snickers, Milky Way Bars, Twinkies and Oreos - chicken fried bacon - fried green tomatoes, chocolate covered bacon on a stick, and alligator. I'm sure I've missed something decadent, but this gives you a pretty good overview. To sum it up, if you can batter it, fry it up in some grease, and put it on a stick, folks love it, or at the very least will try it. Can you hear your arteries hardening just reading this? 

So enjoy the fairs, dress comfortably, try all the new foods vendors offer, and leave the fashion police and Dr. Oz at home! Show off your Cooper County pride and enjoy the next few weeks of fair fun and  Shop Local, Play Local, and Go Boonville!