The traditional market animal sale on Friday closed out a full week of activities for the 2013 Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair.

The traditional market animal sale on Friday closed out a full week of activities for the 2013 Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair.
The fair’s royalty consisted of Queen Morgan Hughes, Princess Jozie Reeter, Jr. Princess Gracy Reeter, and Clover Princess Chloe Funk. Many livestock shows were held throughout the fair. Here’s a look at the champion exhibitors:
Champion Animals
Supreme Champion Overall Steer — Anna Dougherty;
Reserve Supreme Overall Champion Steer — Taylor Wilkison;
Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog — Dani Moore;
Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog — Miriam Martin;
Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb — Walker Thomas;
Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb — Jennifer Waits;
The champion animals were sponsored by Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce and Davis Livestock & Whiteside Hog Farm.
Showmanship Awards were presented to various animal categories.
Sheep Senior Showman, Jennifer Waits; Junior Showman, Maggie Pfaff;
Swine Senior Showman, Bailey Henry; Intermediate Showman, Joel Martin, Junior Showman, Julia Stimpson;
Steer Senior Showman, Mackenzie Barnett; Junior Showman, Clayton Walker;
Breeding Senior Showman, Rachel Nowland;
Beef Junior Showman, Kaylee Lewis;
Poultry Senior Showman, Keith Nelson; Junior Showman, Kaitlynn Heussner;
Rabbits Senior Showman, Therese Taylor; Junior Showman — Joselyn Alkire;
Goats Senior Showman, Caroline Warren; Junior Showman, Cassie Reid.
Grand Champion, Alex Barnes; Reserve Grand Champion, Dylan Rucker.
Overall Showmanship, Taylor McCumber; High Point Obedience, Taylor McCumber; Sportsmanship Olivia Anderson.
Horse Show
High Point Individuals sponsored by Livingston Co. Fair Board
Performance — Lucas Campbell (8-10), Kaylee Campbell (11-13), Nathan Dennis (14 and older).
Games — Lucas Campbell  (8-10), Dawson Dennis (11-13), Nathan Dennis (14 and older).
The Larry Littrell Memorial Award was presented to Lucas Campbell, the highest individual within the three performance sections.
Best 4 Class, Jullian Alkire; Best 6 Class, Jullian Alkire; Best of Show, Jullian Alkire.
Champion Meat Pen, Therese Taylor; Reserve Champion Meat Pen, Jullian Alkire.
Senior Premier Exhibitor — Therese Taylor
Junior Premier Exhibitor — Marley Anderson
Breed Champions — Hampshire, Kyle Hansen; Tunis, Mason Baxter
Supreme Champion Ram — Sydney Baxter; Reserve Supreme Champion Ram — Kyle Hansen.
Breed Champion — X-bred, Jennifer Waits; reserve, Ben Burtch; Tunis, Mason Baxter; Hampshire, Kyle Hansen.
Supreme Champion Ewe — Jennifer Waits.
Reserve Supreme Champion Ewe — Ben Burtch.
Market Lambs
Purchased Champion Market Lamb, Walker Thomas; Purchased Reserve Champion Market Lamb, Jennifer Waits.
Home Raised Champion Market Lamb, Maggie Pfaff; Home Raised Reserve Champion Market Lamb Marcie Eggers.
Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb, Walker Thomas; Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb, Jennifer Waits.
Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs, CJ Pfaff; Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs, Seth Hansen.
Sheep Showmanship
Maggie Pfaff (13 and younger) and Jennifer Waits (14 and older).
GOAT Awards
Dairy Goats — Champion Overall Dairy Doe, Elizabeth Warren; Reserve Champion Overall Dairy Doe, Emilee Haley; Champion Overall Dairy Buck, Allison Haley.
Pygmy and Other Goats — Champion Overall Pygmy Buck, Taylor McCumber; Reserve Champion Overall Pygmy Buck, Taylor McCumber
Boer Meat Goats — Grand Champion Doe, Emilee Haley; Reserve Champion Doe, Lauren Haley; Grand Champion Buck, Patrick Warren; Reserve Champion Buck, Patrick Warren; Grand Champion Wether, Patrick Warren; Reserve Grand Champion Wether Cyrsten Lollar
Jr. Showmanship, Caroline Warren; Sr. Showmanship Cassie Reid
RATE OF GAIN CONTEST — Jaylin Broyles, first; Alex Heussner, second; Cole Schaffner, third.
Heifers — Angus, Hunter Haakonstad (champion) Hannah Haakonstad (reserve champion); Charlois, Haley Fitzpatrick (champion); Chimaine, Anna Dougherty (champion); Hereferd, Rachel Nowland (champion), Jon Black (reserve champion); Maine Anjou, Kaylee Lewis (champion), Saler, Anna Dougherty (champion); Shorthorn, Gabby Hapes  (champion); Maintainer, Taylor Wilkison (champion), Haley Fitzpatrick (reserve champion); Xbred, Blane Heussner (champion), Abby Burton (reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Female — Gabby Hapes.
Reserve Supreme Champion Female — Anna Dougherty.
Bulls — Angus, Hunter Haakonstad (champion).
Purchased, Anna Dougherty (champion), Taylor Wilkison (reserve champion.
Home Raised, Mackenzie Barnett (champion), Jacob Mckiddy(reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Overall Steer — Anna Dougherty
Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Steer — Taylor Wilkison
Beef Showmanship
Breeding — 13 and younger, Kaylee Lewis; 14 and older, Rachel Nowland
Steers — 13 and younger, Clayton Walker; 14 and older, Mackenzie Barnett
Dairy— 13 and younger, Mckenzie Anderson; 14 and older, John Anderson
Dairy Awards
Heifers — Brown Swiss, Mckenzie Anderson (champion); John Anderson (reserve champion).
Holstein — Kimberlee Roney (champion), Hannah Roney (reserve champion).
Jersey — Mckenzie Anderson (champion), John Anderson (reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Dairy — Mckenzie Anderson.
Reserve Supreme Champion Dairy — Hannah Roney.
Bull Brown Swiss — Mckenzie Anderson
Poultry Awards
Broilers — Pen of 3 Champion Meat Class, Jaxon Albertson
Pen of 3 Reserve Champion Meat Class, Mack Anderson
Rooster — Champion Overall Standard Male, Keith Nelson
Champion Bantam — Keith Nelson
Hen — Champion Overall Standard Female, Keith Nelson
Champion Bantam — Keith Nelson
Champion Overall Duck, Ethan Hoerr
Champion Overall Drake, Kaitlynn Heussner
Supreme Champion Overall Female, Keith Nelson
Supreme Champion Overall Male, Keith Nelson
Senior Showman, Keith Nelson
Junior Showman, Kaitlynn Heussner
Hampshire — Kami Nelson (champion),
Poland — Abby Burns (champion)
Spot — Jordan Hall (champion), Emily Miller (reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Boar — Jordan Hall.
Reserve Supreme Champion Boar — Abby Burns.
Berkshire — Bailey Henry, champion; Carlee Johnson, reserve champion.
Chester — Kaylee Lewis (champion), Carson Anderson (reserve champion)
Duroc — Rachel Nowland (champion), Garret Donoho (reserve champion).
Hampshire — Rachel Nowland (champion), Rachel Nowland (reserve champion).
Landrace — Kaylee Peel (champion);
Poland — Abby Burns (champion);
Spot — Kaylee Lewis (champion), Bailey Henry (reserve champion).
Yorkshire — Joel Martin  (champion),Lillian Smith (reserve champion).
Xbred — Kaylee Lewis  (champion),Tucker Wagers (reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Gilt — Kaylee Lewis (champion);
Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt — Bailey Henry.
Market Hogs
Berkshire — Rylee Johnson (champion),Teresa Childs (reserve champion).
Chester — Trace Rardon (champion), Carson Anderson (reserve champion).
Duroc — Wade Horton (champion), Tyler Dinsmore (reserve champion).
Hampshire — Miriam Martin (champion), Mackenzie Mammen (reserve champion).
Poland — Kaylee Peel (champion), Abby Burns (reserve champion).
Spot — Emily Miller (champion), Kaylee Lewis (reserve champion).
Yorkshire — Julia Stimpson (champion), Taylor Rardon (reserve champion).
Xbred — Dani Moore (champion), Carlee Johnson (reserve champion).
Berkshire — Victoria Overton (champion), Brittany Derickson (reserve champion).
Duroc — Brandon Cook (champion);
Spot — Emily Miller (champion), Cody Kanniainen (reserve champion).
Yorkshire — Cyrsten Lollar (champion),  Erin Campbell (reserve champion).
Xbred — Tyler Dinsmore (champion),  Abbey Hayen (reserve champion).
Market Barrow — Dani Moore (champion),  Miriam Martin (reserve champion).
Market Gilt — Tyler Dinsmore (champion),  Cyrsten Lollar (reserve champion).
Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog — Dani Moore
Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog — Miriam Martin
Swine Showmanship
(13 to 15) Joel Martin, (16 and older) Bailey Henry,
(8 to 12) Julia Stimpson.