From Cider House Rules by John Irving:

“These same people who tell us we must defend the lives of the unborn---they are the same people who seem not so interested in defending anyone but themselves after the accident of birth is complete! These same people who profess their love of the unborn’s soul—they don’t care to make much of a contribution to the poor, they don’t care to offer much assistance to the unwanted or the oppressed! How do they justify such a concern for the fetus and such a lack of concern for unwanted and abused children? They condemn others for the accident of conception; they condemn the poor—as if the poor can help being poor. One way the poor could help themselves would be to be in control of the size of their families. I thought that freedom of choice was obviously democratic—was obviously American!”

 During the last legislative session, Bette Grande and Margaret Sitte, led a parade of mostly male legislators to pass unconstitutional laws, limiting a woman’s right to have dominion over her own body, to make her own health choices, to determine her own future and that of her family.   I am ashamed to say ND joined Texas and other ultra-conservative states with that intrusive legislation.

How ironic that people who carp about smaller government and intrusive government regulations are leading the pack to intrude in women’s lives.

Politics and religion do not mix.  They did not in the Middle Ages when bishoprics were sold, and when money, war, and marriage, determined who held positions of power.    The learned writers of our constitution understood history and the corruption of previous times, so they wrote the separation into our constitution.

 Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion.  Believe as you will, according to your own conscience and knowledge.  The constituion of the United States does not guarantee anyone the right to force their beliefs on others by passing laws.  

 Some politicians are blathering about “Sharia Law.”  They do not want the laws if Islam to become part of the laws of the US.    Neither do I.  But forcing the beliefs of fundamentalists, Catholics, old testament laws of the Torah, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religion has no place in the state or federal laws of the US.  

 Now that the ND legislature has passed ill advised laws restricting abortion, the citizens of North Dakota will be forced to pay thousand of dollars trying to defend an indefensible “law,” that forces the religious views of a few on all.