I remember when Republicans were builders and leaders in their communities.  What happened?

They have beeo infiltrated by sabateurs calling themselves Tea Pary "Patriots"!  While I was watching 'Morning Joe" recently, Jonathan Alter referred to the "Mean Caucus."  That made sense to me.

Currently, the Grand Old Party is no longer Grand.  Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt must be weeping in Heaven.  

Old?  Yes, mostly and mostly white.  And busily trying to limit voting rights for ALL Americans.  Gerrymanding has manipulated voting disticts to ensure election of thier party.  Limiting hours for voting, and limiting early voting will deny some people their right to vote.  Voter ID's will make it difficult for those without driver's licenses, or the ability to get state ID's.  Not everyone has access to transportation.  Not everyone has a bank account.  Not everyone has a computer or subscription to the local paper, leaving them out of the information loop.

Some of these citizens who are being denied the right to vote are elderly who have served in the US military.  They are people who have grown our food, cleaned our houses, taken care of our children, and worked in nursing homes caring for our elderly and eventually for us.  They have labored in construction; they have grown and served our food.  Some are college students who are our future teachers, doctors, scientists.  They are citizens who have the Right to Vote.

Sadly, some of those who have usurped the GOP do not care about the People.  They do not grasp Governemtn of the peole by the peop0le and for the people.  Their interests are profits for corporations ("corporations are people???), social control (abortion and racism), and control of resouces such as water, wood, fossil fuels, and agriculture.

The Tea's are not old.  Some are young, educated and prosperous (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul)---but filled with anger, unwilling to build community or offer a hand to lift the less fortunate.  They are out to make profits by privatizing public education, jails, highways, parks, even social security and medicare. They seem to want to restrict education to the haves by raising interest rates on student loans.  Now, they even want to regulate reprodution and force women to complete unwanted or unhealthy preganancies. 

The Caucus of Mean is working to destroy America, by deregulating banks, undoing safety regulations for workers, food, medications. The screech about "government interference" which are regulations to protect the environment, to keep the financial industy honest, and safety regulations to protect workers and children.  But at the same time, the modern Republicans happily pay subsidies to the mining industires, the petroleum industry, and agribusiness.  They want to spend money for tanks and planes the Pentagon says it doesn't want.  It so happens that the manufacturers are located in their congressional districts or make generous contributions to their campaigns.

They have repeatedly obstructed President Obama's appointment including judges.  They have voted against anything that would benefit the American people.  During the election of 2008, we, the people, did say we wanted health care for all.  Thanks to Republican intransigence and obstuctionism, the people did not get the plan we wanted, but we got a start.  Having every one on Medicare would have been more efficient and fair, but they blocked that so that insurance companies could continue to make huge profits on the public's legitimate fear of medical catastrophe.   Just last week, In the House of Representatives, they voted for the 40th time to eliminate Obama Care, despoite the fact that it is the law of the land, upheld b the Supreme Court, and benefits many, many Americans.  Then they went home for 5 weeks. We, the people, pay them large salaries and generous benefits.  They are a total waste of our tax dollars!

You can''t just be against something; you have to be for something.  I am for voting out saboteurs and obstructionists.