It’s too hot to write a blog!  I don’t get paid enough to write a blog when it’s 125 degrees outside.  Hey Kirksville, want to make some extra money for the city budget?  Open the outdoor pool back up.  Sorry, it’s been a long day! 

Anyway, the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates are once again tied for the lead in the National League Central after the Cardinals took three out of four games from the Atlanta Braves.  Adam Wainright pitched an incredible game on Friday night and the Cardinals also got a solid outing from Shelby Miller on Saturday night.  Lance Lynn has certainly pitched better games in his life but the Cardinals overall looked very sluggish yesterday in losing to the Braves.  The Cincinnati Reds stumble into St. Louis to begin a three game series tonight.  The Reds at one time were on the verge of overtaking the Cardinals before falling off over the past week and a half as their pitching hasn’t been very good as of late.  The Cardinals need to at least win the series with the Reds and then play much better in Pittsburgh over the weekend than they did the last time they were there. 

The Kansas City Royals are pretty much at a standstill, they aren’t falling backward and they aren’t moving forward.  They seem to be stuck right where they are and it doesn’t appear to matter what they do.  When they were winning multiple games in a row so were the teams in front of them, when they started losing games so did the teams in front of them.  They are almost exactly in the same place they were at the beginning of the month with little hope of gaining any ground.  It isn’t out of the question but it’s highly unlikely at this point. 

The Kansas city Chiefs picked up their first preseason victory of the year Saturday night as they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.  It was a high scoring affair with both team’s defenses struggling and both team’s offenses looking much improved over the previous preseason games.  The Chiefs still have a lot of questions going into their final preseason game on Thursdayagainst the Packers but it’s clear this is a much improved team over last year.  That being said, I can’t really say how much improved they really are.  I think they have the potential to have a winning season but they do have some depth issues that have yet to be addressed and their offense isn’t totally clicking yet. 

The St. Louis Rams continue to struggle as they have yet to win a game this preseason.  I haven’t had an opportunity to see the Rams play yet so I can’t really comment too much on this year’s team but it does seem to me that they simply need to learn to win.  I know that sounds strange but the Rams do not appear to play with a lot of confidence and it is almost as if they became so accustomed to losing they don’t know how to do anything else. 

Matt Kenseth held on to win Saturday night’s race in Bristol as NASCAR continues to edge closer to the start of the Chase for the Cup.  NASCAR heads to Atlanta this weekend for their annual Labor Day stop there. 

Tokyo, Japan won the Little League World Series yesterday by defeating Chula Vista, CA 6 to 4 in the best played baseball game I saw all weekend.  I grow to love and respect the Little League World Series more and more each year. 

The U.S. Open Tennis tournament begins in New York today.  Serena Williams is the favorite to win on the women’s side which is great because she is the only one I have ever heard of and Andy Murray is the favorite on the men’s side.  The tournament will run for the next two weeks with the men’s finals being on Sunday September 8. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday to talk some football as most high school and major college teams have their first games this weekend.  We’ll also continue to monitor the progress of the Cardinals and royals and whatever else comes our way.  Thanks as always for checking out this and all the other blogs on the site.

Have a wonderful week!