In a 5-0 vote at the Chillicothe City Council meeting last night (Monday), the speed limit on a portion of Missouri Route 190 was set to 35 mph.

In a 5-0 vote at the Chillicothe City Council meeting last night (Monday), the speed limit on a portion of Missouri Route 190 was set to 35 mph. This change begins at the intersection of U.S. Highway 65 and Missouri 190, and continues to the intersection of the west boundary of the city limits and Highway 190. Signs had already been placed along Highway 190 notifying of the 35 mph speed limit after the council’s meeting on Aug. 12, although the ordinance had not been passed by City Council until last night.
Also Monday, an ordinance was passed creating an agreement between MoDOT and the city, allowing for the city to take over sidewalk improvements. Sidewalks will be poured connecting the high school to the bowling alley and movie theater, pedestrian buttons will be installed at the stoplight at the intersection of Highway 190 and U.S. Route 65 and the sidewalk will continue south on 65 to the new hospital.
“You can walk to the high school, you can walk to the bowling alley, the movie theater, then over to the hospital and down 65,’ City Administrator Ike Holland said. “Eventually, we'll start going down 65 right to downtown. The overall project is to have walkable, usable sidewalk from the high school all the way down to McDonald's.”
Holland said this overall project is going to take a few years to complete because it would be done in stages. One hundred and fifty feet of concrete was to be poured today (Tuesday) in front of the bowling alley and movie theater.
Also during Monday’s meeting, the city accepted a bid from Barnes Baker of Trenton for two new vehicles to be used by the Chillicothe Codes Department. This will replace the two Jeeps currently used by the Codes and Administration departments. A Ford Focus and a Ford Escape were purchased for a combined total of $33,661. The vehicles will help the department in regards to both travel within the city limits and travel to training events. This September, Holland said the city will have a silent auction to sell the vehicles that are no longer needed or in use.
A bid for two new police vehicles was discussed. The police department would either gain two Ford Explorers or a Dodge Charger police package. Two of the current police vehicles would be traded in for the new additions. A decision is anticipated at the next meeting of the City Council.
A grant agreement with MoDOT for the construction on Rehab Runway 14-32 Parallel Taxiway was discussed.
“They need repair, big time,” 2nd Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham said. “If we don’t take advantage of this and we lose it, some other city’s going to get this  money. It wouldn’t be very smart on our part not to.”
The grant was accepted, and MoDOT will be paying 95 percent of the cost.
The next City Council meeting will be Monday, Sept. 9.