Garr, Timmons, Warren honored for commitment to the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair

The Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair added three names to its Legends of the Fair Hall of Fame during a ceremony last night (Thursday) at the M. W. Jenkins Expo Center.

Mrs. Alton (Daisy) Garr 
Mrs. Alton (Daisy) Garr was a lifetime resident of Chillicothe. She was very active in the community and schools, a member of the Chillicothe Extension Club, Chillicothe First Baptist Church and served as assistant manager of the Chillicothe High School cafeteria.
In 1947, the first town club, The Four-Leaf-Clover 4-H Club, was organized. Garr's oldest daughter, Mary, became a charter member of this 4-H Club. Mary's involvement was the beginning of Mrs. Garr's years of working with the 4-H program. In 1958, she became the club's community leader.
Seven of Garr's children became active members of the Four-Leaf-Clover-4-H Club, serving as club officers and members of the 4-H council. Frances and Carolyn were fair queens. Daisy Garr also served on many committees and served as contest judge at the Livingston County 4-H and FA Fairs, as well as many other county fairs in the area.
During her more than 20 years working with the 4-H youth, Garr was recognized with the Silver Clover, Gold Clover and Pearl Clover awards from the U.S. Extension Department and the Agriculture Extension Service of the University of Missouri. She was recognized as Outstanding 4-H Club Leader and the Four-Leaf-Clover 4-H Club was recognized as an Outstanding 4-H Club by KCMO broadcasting of Kansas City, Mo. She was awarded the Livingston County 4-H Leader of the year by KCHI.
In 1966, Garr became a Charter Member of the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair Association. She was elected secretary to the fair board. She served many years in that office with President E.L. Reed and Treasurer, Ben Wood Jones.

E.W. "Dub" Timmons
E.W. "Dub" Timmons was a father of 12 children, all of whom participated in the 4-H program. Timmons was a community leader of the Wheeling Happy Harvesters 4-H Club. His daughter Amy said he "gave selflessly to help kids and 4H. He was eager to help in any way."
Timmons was among the group who, in 1966, decided that a consistent location was needed for the Livingston County fair grounds. That ad hoc group evolved into the first incorporated Livingston County fair board. This group's work helped establish the fair grounds at Chillicothe Municipal Airport.
Timmons' son Joe said his father was "always willing to donate his time and work to help the youth, community and his family."

Harold Warren
Harold Warren first became involved in 4-H and showing livestock in the 1930s. Warren's first project was a Shorthorn Steer followed the next year by a group of three similar cattle. One of these three won Grand Championship status at a regional fair in St. Joseph.
When his children became involved in 4-H and showing livestock some 20 years later, Warren became the Livestock Production Project Leader for the Wheeling Happy Harvesters 4-H Club. Warren also served as vice president of the ad hoc group that evolved into the first formally incorporated Livingston County Fair Board which helped establish the fair grounds at Chillicothe Municipal Airport.
One of the highlights Warren mentioned was when Jerry Litton provided financial backing for the purchase of show animals for the 4-H and FFA young people. Litton provided an aircraft flown by Blackie Reed in order for Litton and warren, among others, to fly out to a livestock action in North Platte, Neb. Warren called that flight with Litton one of the highlights of his life, but also a little challenging since he was not always comfortable with flying.
Warren has plaques and pictures on the walls of his home that bear witness of him as a buyer of premium livestock at the annual fair auction from 1991 until now. The only time he missed an auction or the fair itself was in August of 2011, when his wife Carla passed away. Even then, the Livingston County 4-H Foundation was named beneficiary of her memorial at his request.
Warren said he loves being a part of the lives of the adult s and young people involved with the Livingston County Fair.
"It has provided some good times and a lot of great memories," Warren said.