In a 5-0 vote at last night's council meeting (Monday) a bid was accepted for the city of Chillicothe to receive two new police cars.

In a 5-0 vote at last night's council meeting (Monday) a bid was accepted for the city of Chillicothe to receive two new police cars. The bid was made by Joe Machens for two 2014 Ford Explorers, with two current police vehicles traded in, for a total of $43,058. The other bid placed was for a Dodge Charger police package, priced at $40,654. Both City Administrator Ike Holland and Chief of Police Rick Knouse spoke in favor of the Ford Explorers.
"I think it's a safer vehicle, it has better fuel economy, and it just keeps the uniformity of our vehicles here in town so that as we rotate out we will have a full fleet of these vehicles and people can recognize that's the Chillicothe Police Department," Holland said.
A few council members voiced their concerns with adding two vehicles to the fleet, due to public perception that the Police Department having too many vehicles. Holland pointed out that vehicles need to be rotated so they are not in constant use and that they will also need maintenance, which leaves the police department with the right amount of vehicles in order to operate smoothly.
"We have three patrol cars on patrol, and during the change-over of shifts you add another couple, so there's five," Holland added. "If you've got one in service and one at a training site, how many vehicles does that leave you? It doesn't leave you very many ... Most police departments have one vehicle per patrolman. It's been a standard for many years. We don't have too many police cars."
A bid was accepted for improvements to be made to Mohawk Road. Missouri Curb and Pavement, of Chillicothe, will begin construction on Mohawk Road once the contract is signed. Three bids were placed on the project ranging from $167,503.52 to $297,400, and the lowest bid was accepted. The improvements will begin at the intersection of Highway 65 and Mohawk Road and will end on Mohawk Road just past the entrance to the hospital, and they include replacing the asphalt with concrete, building curbs and gutters, adding pipes to the storm drains and widening the road on the north side. City Administrator Ike Holland said his goal is for the construction to be completed by Nov. 1, though it may not finish until mid-November depending upon when the contract is signed, weather conditions and other factors.
Matt Wenzel recommended that Dr. Klowe, Dr. Metry and Dr. Rinehardt serve on the Hospital Board. His recommendations were approved 5-0. Martha King was also recommended and approved to serve on the Housing Board.
The annual contract for use of the athletic fields was discussed. A slight reduction in soccer field usage was made from last year's contract, but the rates were not changed.
CPA Bob Conrad presented the 2012-2013 audit. After assessing multiple sections of the city's audit, it was established that Chillicothe's general fund is staying about the same as it has been in past years, which is "not bad."
"The city is in good shape," Conrad said.
Mayor Chuck Haney announced at the closing of the meeting that Mayor's Coffee will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25, at the Chillicothe Fire Department.