Opening date still targeted early February 2014

Before the regular Chillicothe City Council meeting, the council had a workshop at the new hospital facility Monday evening. Roughly once a month, council members will walk through the facility to discuss progress with those working on the facility.
JE Dunn Project Superintendent Marvin Griffin said that they also discussed plans for the next month of the project.
In the next 30 days, many of the exterior finishings will be wrapped up and work on sidewalks will begin. They will continue to finish the interior, work on painting and trimming, as well as begin to working on the floors. Griffin said that the project is 75 percent complete, and they are still progressing close to the original time frame.
City Administrator Ike Holland said that the facility will be impressive.
“I know that we’ve talked a lot about how nice it’s going to be, but once you go into the building and see it’s starting to take shape, I think it’s going to be really impressive,” Holland said. “I’m getting very excited now that we’re getting closer to the completion. I think people are going to be really pleasantly surprised with the facility and the people will really appreciate it.”
As of now, both Griffin and Holland estimate that the final touches on the hospital will begin in late November to early December and will, hopefully, be finished before Christmas. The process of moving and transferring equipment from the old facility to the new one will begin in December, and the opening date is still set for the second or third week in February.