Zito Media continues to improve the high-speed Internet and video service products for their Missouri customers.

COUDERSPORT, PA—Zito Media continues to improve the high-speed Internet and video service products for their Missouri customers. Zito Media acquired systems from Windjammer Communications in October 2012 and went right to work in finding ways to improve the product offerings.
Within the first month, Zito Media increased the Internet circuit capacity feeding the markets so that the download speed on the standard tier was raised from 1.5-5mbps to 10mbps.
In the first quarter of 2013, a new DOCIS 3.0 CMTS was installed which allowed Zito Media to launch new speeds tiers with download speeds of up to 20mbps and 50mbps. These are the fastest download speeds offered in the market. Zito Media currently has promotional offers for both speed tiers.
On the video side, Zito Media has launched several new channels and is now broadcasting several more in crystal clear high-definition for the first time. Zito launched both the NFL Network HD and Redzone HD just in time for football season. Disney Jr and Flix have also been included in the lineups, along with several new HD feeds of existing channels.
Zito has also implemented an all-digital lineup. This means digital terminal adapters (DTA) are being offered to allow customers to view the HD lineup for the low price of $2/month. Overall, there are three different levels of HD converters available and new all-digital converters are set up in the lobby of the local office so you can see the picture quality for yourself.
Finally, Zito also is offering 5pm-7pm timeslots several times each week to offer an alternative to having to take the day off to have a service call or get a new product installed.
Zito Media continues to work on improving the channel lineup, picture quality, Internet speed and overall experience without passing along significant rate increases to the customers. One new enhancement to keep an eye out for is our TV Everywhere product. It will allow Zito customers to watch certain programming that they pay for on their home sets on devices like tablets and smart phones.
Zito Media is an independently owned and operated telecommunications company headquartered in Potter County, PA that provides Cable Television (including Digital Cable), High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice Services to numerous communities across 16 states. Zito Media’s goal is to provide customers with the best possible level of Video, Data, and Voice Service and will continue to deliver new and advanced services as they become available.
For more information about Zito Media please go to http://zitomedia.com.