Multiple agencies investigate burglaries, stolen firearms

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has been working with the sheriffs from Grundy County, Caldwell County, Daviess County, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the NITRO ATF Task Force on a variety of crimes in the Livingston County area.
 On Friday, officers from all of these agencies coordinated investigative efforts in rural western Livingston County, resulting in the search of two homes. The suspect was found in the second home hiding behind a lot of trash and debris. The suspect reportedly refused to comply with the officer’s repeated orders to surrender, so the officer used a Taser on the suspect and then handcuffed the suspect.
Moses Miranda, 46, Chillicothe, was arrested on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged burglary 2nd degree which is reported to have recently taken place on LIV 408 near Mooresville.  Bond was set at $25,000 cash.  Miranda is reported to have outstanding warrants or pending charges in other Missouri counties.
Allegedly, in some of the adjoining counties firearms and ammunition were stolen and there was significant concern that Miranda was fearful of being arrested again due to his past history in Missouri and/or other state(s).  Allegedly, Miranda fled from authorities in other counties over the last several days. Therefore, the enforcement action Friday afternoon included a helicopter from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and a bite dog from a law enforcement agency.
 “NITRO agents have been a leader in helping all of agencies coordinate over the numerous counties in north central and north east Missouri,” said Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox. There is considerable interest in seeking federal charges due to the numerous firearms allegedly stolen.
At least two additional persons are in custody in Grundy on their charges and authorities are seeking formal charges on those persons for their alleged involvement in the residential burglary in Mooresville.
Authorities are working on potentially clearing other past burglaries in Livingston County where firearms and/or ammunition were stolen.