Now making appointments and billing for insurance

Livingston County Health Center has announced some changes occurring in the way they do immunization clinics at their office.  These changes go into effect Oct. 1.
 Immunizations are an essential part of protecting your child’s health from devastating diseases, said health center spokeswoman Ann Burchett. It is up to parents to make sure their children are up to date on the immunizations that spare them from illness and injury.  
Beginning Oct. 1, there will be some changes in the way the health center runs its immunization clinics.
Health center staff will now be taking appointments for its three regular immunization clinics each month.
“It is our hope that this change will be more convenient and efficient for our clients,” Burchett said. “Previously, all clinics were provided on a walk-in basis.  A client might find themselves in and out at one clinic and waiting for long periods of time at another.  We hope the change will avoid this dilemma.”
Another change to the clinics is the health center will be requesting one’s private insurance card and to bill for the child’s immunizations. Please be sure to bring your insurance card to the next clinic you attend.
Livingston County Health Center’s vaccine is provided through the VFC Program (Vaccines for Children), which provides vaccine for children with MoHealthNet (Medicaid) insurance, and those with no insurance coverage.  
“Beginning Oct. 1, 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implemented changes and now our VFC vaccine may not be used for routine vaccination of any fully insured individuals,” Burchett explained. “We have purchased vaccine for those who don’t qualify for VFC.”
The local health department is a year behind on instituting this policy at its local agency.  Many counties have been doing this for awhile now.  Those who have private insurance coverage are asked to check their  policy to see if vaccinations are covered.
“We realize there may be some confusion and questions with the new practices, but feel free to ask Health Center staff any questions or concerns you may have,” Burchett said.
Check the health center calendar or call the health center at 646-5506 for the upcoming immunization clinic dates.
All immunizations are administered according to recommendations of the Missouri Department of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics.