Roslyn Heights is the state headquarters for the Missouri State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The MSSDAR has been headquartered in the mansion since 1983. Since then, the ladies of MSSDAR have been careful stewards of the property by preserving the history, carefully maintaining the structure, retaining its historic architecture, opening the property for tours and maintaining genealogical records for future generations.

 Roslyn Heights was constructed in 1895 in the Queen Anne style by Wilbur Johnson and Rhoda Stephens Johnson. At the time of construction, this home was one of many large “mansions” that were built on Main Street. The home was the location of numerous high society parties, in part, because Mrs. Stephens’ brother was Missouri Governor (Lonn Vest Stephens) from 1897-1901. Additionally, Mr. Stephens played a prominent role in Boonville, founding and operating a shoe manufacturing from 1886-1907. The Johnsons sold the home in 1923 and it remained in private hands until the MSSSDAR purchased the home in 1983. The home was individually listed on the National Register in 1989.

 While the home was undergone numerous renovations since its construction, the owners have worked to keep as much of the structure intact as possible. Some of the original features still present in the house include: stained glass windows, storm doors, paneled front doors, eight mantels, floors, gasoliers on the porch, and a third floor ballroom with spring floors. All of these features and the lifestyle of the Johnson residents are on display for tourists while visiting the home.

Roslyn Heights is a crucial part of Boonville’s tourism amenities. The ladies of the DAR have been serving up homemade pie with a side of history since purchasing the home. It is one of the few historic homes open for tours in Boonville. Mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Christmas Open House, December 7 - 14.  The "Main Street Mansion" will be beautifully decorated and open for tours all week.  In addition, lunch is served.  Enjoy homemade soup and a tasty variety of Christmas cookies. 

The Missouri State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution were honored with a Missouri Preservation Legacy Award last week at the Missouri Preservation Conference.  A well-deserved recognition for their dedication and commitment to preserving and celebrating architectural and cultural history.  Buy Local, Preserve Local, Go Boonville.