Companies plan to begin operations within several weeks

Chillicothe’s newest employers are seeking skilled laborers to begin operations within the next month.
IBC North America and Clean Tide Container have moved into the former Gear for Sports location at Chillicothe’s industrial park. Plant Manager Tony Deacons said work is currently being done to prepare the facility for its day-to-day operations. The goal is for both companies to start up side-by-side sometime between Oct. 16 and Nov. 4.
During a news conference held Wednesday, July 31, at the Chillicothe Country Club, Dick Harding, president and chief executive officer of IBC North America and Clean Tide, announced plans to invest more than $5.1 million into the new Midwest location. Economic Developer Terry Rumery said the process of bringing these two companies to Chillicothe was not easy.
“Missouri Partnership, I believe, is the one who came on this project and took it to the Kansas City Area Development Council,” Rumery said. “In that process, the state of Missouri opened it up to any community in the state. These companies really wanted to do business in the Kansas City area. We were in competition with Kansas City, Leavenworth, and St. Joe. This was a four-and-a-half year project. It’s the longest project I've ever worked on.”
According to Rumery, location was crucial to the selection process. The deal started out solely as Clean Tide, and a smaller building was needed. When IBC North America joined the deal, the former Gear for Sports building was ideal. In addition, the community of Chillicothe truly sold itself as a great place to conduct business.
“They were confident we could supply the labor for them,” Rumery said. “It is close to their markets. Highway 36 was a major factor. We had an enterprise zone, which was beneficial to them. They were really impressed with everything Chillicothe has done from the golf courses, to the park system to the bowling alley, to the murals. The community really sold itself.”
Rumery said the two companies will work together to manufacture and refurbish bulk containers for agricultural production.
“IBC North America makes a container that is used primarily in the ag business,” Rumery explained. “The sister company, Clean Tide, they actually take back the containers that IBC had sold. When the businesses are done with them and have no way to dispose of them, Clean Tide will pick them up, bring them back and wash them. Those containers are either repaired or shredded to remake new containers.”
IBC North America and Clean Tide Container plan to create 87 jobs over the next three years at the new Chillicothe location. The sister companies are currently hiring a variety of positions through Flexible Staffing in Chillicothe.
“They need a maintenance person that knows electrical controls, schematics and mechanics,” said Flexible Staffing Owner Carol Gregg. “If they have mig and stick welding knowledge, that’s even better. They need shipping and receiving people with forklift knowledge. I believe they also need some general labor folks.”
Gregg said positions vary in pay from $10 to $16 per hour. Those interested may apply online at or in-person at Flexible Staffing’s Chillicothe location at 402 Washington Street.