Lead donation comes from trust of former director

The Board of Directors of the Livingston County Library has voted to create a charitable trust that will support library services and programs beyond the capacities of county funding. The Livingston County Library Charitable Trust Board is a volunteer board comprised of Livingston County Library Board Directors and additional appointed members.
The initial funding for the Trust was provided by a generous lead donation from the Lillian DesMarias Trust. Ms. DesMarias was Livingston County Library Director from 1970 to 1980. She was instrumental in getting the original elevator installed in the library in 1976 and in establishing a separate Children’s Library. Ms. DesMarias died on Nov. 24, 2012 at the age of 99, in Grundy Center, Iowa. She had a master of arts degree in library science from the University of Denver and worked in several libraries throughout her career.
“Ms. DesMarias was very progressive during her time as library director. She believed that a library played an important role in an educated, successful community. She felt very fondly about her time at the Livingston County Library and had a great impact on the mission and goals of the Library then and today,” current Library Director Robin Westphal said.
The Livingston County Library Trust was established to accept donations and allocate funds to the library for additional programs, materials, services and future capital projects. The DesMarias donation, and any others to follow, will be used exclusively for library endeavors.
“The Livingston County Library Board of Directors gratefully accepts the generous and selfless gift to our community,” said Library Board President Marion Harter. “Ms. DesMarias lived a life devoted to learning through her personal interests and dedication to her profession. It will be an honor for the Livingston County Library Trust Officers to carry on the lifework of Ms. DesMarias and those who follow through their gifts.”
“This Trust provides a mechanism for which people will be able to leave funds to the Library after they’ve passed away. For me, and for many in our community, the Library has been an important component to an enjoyable, rich life,” Harter continued.
Westphal explained that the role of libraries is evolving and that technological advances are changing the way service is delivered.
“While we will always be the place to check out your favorite book or get information, the way in which we will do that is changing,” she said. “The funds provided by the Trust will ensure the viability of the Library for future generations. We are so grateful to Ms. DesMarias for her foresight and commitment to the public library system.”