The Livingston County Commission will be meeting every day next week beginning Monday, Jan. 6, to review the county budget for 2014.

The Livingston County Commission will meet every day next week beginning Monday, Jan. 6, to review the county budget for 2014.
County Clerk Sherry Parks said every year the commission waits until the end of the previous year to begin constructing the new year's budget so they can use the actual expenditure and revenue numbers on which to base the new budget.
"We do not base anything on estimates," Parks added. "We wait until it's finalized."
Once the expenditure and revenue numbers of the previous year are calculated, the commission will then meet every day until it is finalized. Parks said that the commission meets with every elected official to review their individual budgets from the previous year, and they will then analyze the new requests to see how that balances with actual funds available.
After meeting with all officials and establishing budgets, the commission will look at any potential pay increases or cost of living adjustment requests and compare them to the balance that remains.
When the 2014 budget has been been set, it is the duty of the county clerk to formally print and present to the county commission. Parks said that the Livingston County Commission strives to have the budget complete and presented to the public by Jan. 21, because the budget is required by Missouri Statute to sit for 10 days before any expenditures may be used. During this 10 days, the public is allowed to view the budget and any changes that need to be made can be made.
After the 10 day period, according to Missouri Revised Statute 50.600, "The county commission shall hold at least one public hearing on the proposed budget before final action is taken. At least five days' notice of the hearing shall be given and the hearing shall not be held within 10 days after the budget document is made available to the public."
Parks said that once the Livingston County Commission has its budget complete by Jan. 21, a public hearing will be held on or before Jan. 31. Parks said she releases a public notice advertising the budget completion and the date of the commission's public hearing. The earlier this process is done in January the better, Parks said, because the county is unable to begin its 2014 expenditures until the public hearing is held and the budget is finalized.
"We want to be able to expend on the 31 (of January) at the very latest," Parks concluded.
For more information on the 2014 budget for Livingston County, contact the County Clerk's office.