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Calling all Trivia Buffs!
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By Go Boonville
Kate Fjell and Sherry Broyles have been promoting Boonville tourism for years. With their efforts, tourism has continued to grow each year enchanting people from all over the world with the charm that Boonville offers.
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By Go Boonville
Jan. 17, 2014 12:01 a.m.

Do you know the name of the tallest mountain in North America? Can you name three of Boonville’s most famous citizens? Do you know who holds the record for most career homeruns in the MLB?
If you know the answers to any of these questions (and even if you don’t) then you need to recruit 7 friends and sign up for the Annual Cooper County Historical Society Trivia night. It is on Saturday, January 25th and begins at 6PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall.
This is a really fun event for anyone. Seriously, it could be a perfect first date, since you will learn all about the useless knowledge your date has packed in his/her head. Did you just make a new set of couple friends; this is a perfect double date because you need 8 people per team! Do you have a big family and want to have a fun get together- here you go. And if your family is big enough, you can compete against each other, possibly with some friendly wagering. Old friends, perfect- you all will love the time to tease each other and reminisce about old times. I told you, any group, any person- this event is for you.
Sherry and I have both participated in the event several times and while we have never won (nor have we ever come close) here are just a few helpful hints:
  • Teams of mixed gender seem to fare better than all men or all women
  • It is helpful to have one long time Cooper Countian on the team
  • Don’t cheap out and skip your mulligans, unless you won Jeopardy, I am sure you will need at least one free pass and probably more
  • Come hungry, because the food is delicious! Usually there is popcorn to snack on as well, so you won’t go home hungry
  • Having a high school aged kid on your team is a benefit
  • Don’t spill your soda at the table if you are right next to the MC, this is embarrassing and that sort of thing sticks with your team for the years to come-
  • So dust off your encyclopedias and start studying for this fun event. Dawn Taylor works hard all year to develop brain teasing questions to challenge even the smartest person you know. Tickets are available at Taylor’s Bake Shop, the event requires a team of 8 and the entry fee is $120. This is great event to break out of the winter doldrums, hope to see you there! Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!

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