This week has been a huge success at the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair and the weather was a big plus.

This week has been a huge success at the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair and the weather was a big plus. Here are some of the highlights of this week’s to award recipients. On Sunday, the Livingston County Fair Royalty was named: Joselyn Alkire, Clover Princess; Meredith Oesch, Junior Princess; Echo Essick, Princess; and Cyrsten Lollar, Queen. In the livestock divisions, awards were given to, Supreme Champion Overall Steer, Walker Graves; Reserve Supreme Overall Champion Steer, Seth Reeter; Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog, Eric Davis; Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog, Alijah Hibner; Supreme Champion Market Goat, Cyrsten Lollar; Reserve Supreme Champion Market Goat, Jaycie Stimpson; Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb, Maggie Pfaff; Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb, Michaela Simmer. Showmanship awards were presented in the sheep division to Michaela Simmer, senior showman; Sydney Baxter, junior showman. In the swine division, Cyrsten Lollar, senior showman; Kaylee Lewis, intermediate showman; and Julia Stimpson, junior showman. In the steer division, Seth Reeter, senior showman; Clayton Walker, junior showman. In the breeding beef division, Haley Fitzpatrick, senior showman; Gabby Hapes, junior showman. In the poultry division, Keagan Valbracht, senior showman; Keith Nelson, junior showman. In the rabbit division, Therese Taylor, senior showman; Joselyn Alkire, junior showman. In the goat division, Allison Haley, senior showman; Sheridan Guilford, junior showman. In the hams division, Dalton VanDyke’s exhibit took grand champion honors, and Jessica Gibson’s entry was named reserve grand champion. In the dogs division, Selby Miller, overall showmanship; Taylor McCumber, high point obedience; Olivia Anderson, sportsmanship. On Wednesday, the rabbits were judged with top awards going to Raegan May, best 4 class; Therese Taylor, best 6 class; Terese Taylor, best of show; Marley Anderson, champion meat pen; Joselyn Alkire, reserve champion meat pen; Marley Anderson, senior premier exhibitor; Jullian Alkire, junior premier exhibitor. On Thursday, the sheep were judged with top awards going to Maggie Pfaff, Champion Ram, Supreme Champion Ram and Reserve Champion Ram; Bo Meeker, Champion Ewe; Ben Burtch, Champion Ewe, Supreme Champion Ewe; Maggie Pfaff, Reserve Champion Ewe; CJ Pfaff, Supreme Champion Breed Flock; Maggie Pfaff, Purchased Champion Market Lamb; Michela Simmer, Purchased Reserve Champion Market Lamb; CJ Pfaff, Home Raised Champion Market Lamb; Sydney Baxter, Home Raised Reserve Champion Market Lamb; Maggie Pfaff, Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb; Michela Simmer, Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Lamb; Maggie Pfaff, Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs; Sydney Baxter, 13 and Under Showmanship award; Michela Simmer, 14 and Over Showmanship award. The goat show followed the sheep show Thursday morning. Top awards went to Patrick Warren, Champion Overall Dairy Doe; Sarah Mason, Reserve Champion Overall Dairy Doe; Emilee Haley, Grand Champion Doe; Sheridan Guilford, Reserve Champion Doe; Sheridan Guilford, Grand Champion Buck; Savannah Sturgess, Reserve Champion Buck; Cyrsten Lollar, Grand Champion Wether; Jaycie Stimpson, Reserve Grand Champion Wether; Allison Haley, Jr. Showmanship; Sheridan Guilford, Sr. Showmanship. The Dairy Show, Breeding Cattle Show, Feeder Cattle Show and Steer show were held Thursday afternoon. Rate of Gain winners were: Anna Doughtery, first; Malloree Summers, second; Blane Heussner, third. Heifer winners were: Seth Reeter, Angus Champion; Hannah Haakonstad, Reserve Angus Champion; Ammie Akzam, Red Angus Champion; Lilly Stedem, Chiania Champion; Selby Miller, Red Poll Champion; Haley Fitzpatrick, Maine Anjou Champion; Anna Dougherty, Saler Champion; Gabby Hapes, Shorthorn Champion; Gabby Hapes, Maintainer Champion; Abby Burton, Crossbreed Champion; Morgan Brockmeier, Reserve Crossbreed Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Simmental Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Simme Foundation; Gabby Hapes, Supreme Champion Female; Lilly Stedem, Reserve Supreme Champion Female. Bull winners were: Hunter Haakonstad, Angus Champion; Anna Dougherty, Red Angus Champion; Hunter Haakonstad, Supreme Champion Bull; Anna Dougherty, Reserve Supreme Champion Bull. Purchased Champion was Walker Graves; Reserve Purchased Champion was Clayton Walker. Home Raised Champion was Seth Reeter, and Reserve Home Raised Champion was Jenna Reeter. Supreme Champion Overall Steer was Walker Graves; and Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Steer was Seth Reeter. Beef Showmanship winners were Gabby Hapes, Breeding Champion; Haley Fitzpatrick, Breeding Reserve Champion; Clayton Walker, Steer Champion; Seth Reeter, Reserve Steer Champion; Ellaena Rademacher Dairy Champion; McKenzie Anderson, Reserve Dairy Champion. Dairy Awards went to Hannah Roney, Holstein Champion; McKenzie Anderson, Reserve Holstein Champion; McKenzie Anderson, Jersey Champion; Travis Anderson, Reserve Jersey Champion; McKenzie Anderson, Guernsey Champion; McKenzie Anderson, Supreme Champion Dairy; Travis Anderson, Reserve Supreme Champion Dairy. Poultry entries were judged on Tuesday. Winners were: Eli Warren, Pen of 3 Champion Meat Class Champion; Jullian Alkire, Pen of 3 Reserve Champion Meat Class; Ammie Akzam, Rooster, Champion Overall Standard Male; Brady Bothwell, rooster, Champion Bantam; Keith Nelson, hen, Champion Overall Standard Female; Jullian Alkire, hen, Champion Bantam; Keith Nelson, Champion Overall Standard Female; Jullian Alkire, hen, Champion Bantam; Brady Bothwell, ducks, Champion Overall Duck; Ethan Hoerr, ducks, Champion Overall Drake; Hesston Campbell, turkey, Champion Male; Caitlin Jones, turkey, Overall Female; Keagan Valbracht, Supreme Champion Overall Female; Brady Bothwell, Supreme Champion Overall Male; Keith Nelson, Senior Showmanship; Keagan Valbracht, Junior Showman. Swine Show judging was Wednesday night. Boar winners were: Tori Overton, Berkshire Champion; Tori Overton, Berkshire Reserve Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Chester Champion; Jordan Hall, Spot Champion; Emily Miller, Reserve Spot Champion; Abby Burns, York Champion; Abby Burns, York Reserve Champion; Taylor McCumber, Crossbreed Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Supreme Champion Boar; Jordan Hall, Reserve Supreme Champion Boar. Gilt winners were: Carlee Johnson, Berkshire Champion; Bailey Henry, Berkshire Reserve Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Chester Champion; Zach Quinn, Reserve Chester Champion; Gabby Hapes, Duroc Champion; Rachel Nowland, Duroc Reserve Champion; Rachel Nowland, Hampshire Champion; Jayce Stimpson, Hampshire Reserve Champion; Abby Burns, Poland Champion; Kaylee Peel, Poland Reserve Champion; Bailey Henry, Spot Champion, Kaylee Lewis, Spot Reserve Champion; Taylor Daily, Yorkshire Champion; Lylah Smith, Yorkshire Reserve Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Crossbreed Champion; Abby Burton, Crossbreed Reserve Champion; Bailey Henry, Supreme Champion Gilt; Gabby Hapes, Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt. Market Hog Barrow winners were: Jake Sampsel, Berkshire Champion; Jessica Moore, Berkshire Reserve Champion; Trace Rardon, Chester Champion; Kaylee Lewis, Chester Reserve Champion; Garret Donoho, Duroc Champion; Tyler Dinsmore, Duroc Reserve Champion; Levi Surber, Hampshire Champion; Joel Martin, Hampshire Reserve Champion; Abby Burns, Poland Champion; Gabby Hapes, Poland Reserve Champion; Eric Davis, Spot Champion; Wade Horton, Spot Reserve Champion; Trace Rardon, Yorkshire Champion; Abby Burns, Yorkshire Reserve Champion; Alijah Hibner, Crossbreed Champion; Julia Stimpson, Crossbreed Reserve Champion. Market Hog Gilt winners were: Olivia Cross, Berkshire Champion; Rylee Johnson, Berkshire Reserve Champion; Tucker Narr, Chester Champion; Rachel Nowland; Duroc Champion; Brandon Cook, Duroc Reserve Champion; Rachel Holt, Hampshire Champion; Emily Miller, Spot Champion; Sarah Hall, Reserve Spot Champion; Abby Daley, Yorkshire Champion; Tucker Burtch, Crossbreed Champion; Cyrsten Lollar, Crossbreed Reserve Champion; Eric Davis, Market Barrow Champion; Alijah Hibner, Reserve Market Barrow Champion; Tucker Burtch, Market Gilt Champion; Cyrsten Lollar, Market Gilt Champion; Eric Davis, Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog; Alijah Hibner, Reserve Supreme Champion Overall Market Hog. Swine Showmanship awards went to Kaylee Lewis (13-15), Julia Stimpson (8-12) and Cyrsten Lollar (16 and over).