Fireball Run, a web-based reality competition that spans 2,000 miles, is coming to Chillicothe this fall as the Home of Sliced Bread will host lunch for the 40 teams competing in this year’s adventure

 Fireball Run, a web-based reality competition that spans 2,000 miles, is coming to Chillicothe this fall as the Home of Sliced Bread will host lunch for the 40 teams competing in this year’s adventure. Fireball Run is described as a life-sized trivia game, where America serves as the game board. It is a multi-genre live-action production and streaming TV series. The teams will start in Frisco, Texas, on Sept. 26, and will arrive in Chillicothe on Saturday, Oct. 4, the last day of the race. “There will be some unique vehicles and interesting people,” said Amy Supple, director of the Greater Chillicothe Visitors Region. Each leadership-based team is comprised of two people, from varying walks of life. This year’s race includes astronaut Jon McBride, shuttle pilot for Atlantis and now director of Astronaut Education at Kennedy Space Center. Among cars participating in this year’s trek: the “Transformers 4” movie car (actual car used in the film), a Delorean, a Porsche Macan, Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, Porsche Panamera, and more. Supple anticipates a large crowd to welcome the participants to Chillicothe. “We are hoping to turn it into a fun community event,” she said. When Supple heard that this year’s route would come through the area, she submitted a bid to have the racers stop in Chillicothe. “They looked at what we had,” Supple said. “They liked the sliced bread story and it worked into their geographic route; they wanted to make it happen.” The teams will arrive in Chillicothe from Sedalia. After leaving here they will head toward Independence, their final destination in the eight-day race. Race representatives recently visited Chillicothe as they ran through the entire course, previewing the route. According to Fireball Run’s website, destinations are selected based upon their uniqueness, history, vitality, vibrancy, economic opportunity and human interest. They look at things, such as, whether the destination has a unique story to tell, how the town has changed the history or the world, whether its residents exuberate vigor, if it's scenic, if there is economic growth potential, and, why audiences from America to China would find the destination interesting and compelling. In addition to the thrill of the race, Fireball Run has a charity component for missing and exploited children. Billed as the “Race to Recover America’s Missing Children”, each team is assigned a different missing child, provided with flyers of the child and instructed to distribute these flyers at every opportunity. With 1 in 6 missing children located because someone sees a picture, the ability to disseminate 40,000 flyers provides a wonderful opportunity to bring children home, according to Child Rescue Network’s website. The awareness raised is phenomenal and helps people understand that over 2,100 kids are reported missing every single day in the United States. Upon arrival in Chillicothe, the teams will have a mandatory 30-minute rest period downtown. They won’t stay long, but the producers plan to have a trivia-based task or two for them to complete before moving on. Details are still pending regarding what activities will take place once the teams arrive; discussions have included having bands play, and making it a fun community event. Supple invites individuals who have ideas or suggestions for celebrating the racers’ brief stay to contact her at 660-646-4050. “We would absolutely love to hear from them and have them be a part of it,” Supple said. For information on this run, visit