Members of the 105th Chillicothe City Council, the mayor, clerk, auditor and constable took the oath of office to begin new terms on Wednesday.

Members of the 105th Chillicothe City Council, the mayor, clerk, auditor and constable took the oath of office to begin new terms on Wednesday. The swearing-in ceremony took place in the council chambers of Chillicothe City Hall. Individuals appointed to city positions were also commissioned to their positions. See PHOTO GALLERY The 104th council had its final meeting at noon, with Mayor Chuck Haney presiding, and adjourned sine die. Recognition was given to outgoing Councilman-at-Large David Moore, who chose not to seek a fourth consecutive term; and to City Administrator Ike Holland, who announced his resignation in February. The new council and elected officials – who all ran uncontested in this year’s election – were sworn into office. Livingston County Circuit Clerk Brenda Wright administered the oath of office to City Clerk Rozanne Frampton who, in turn, administered the oath of office to the remaining elected officials. Frampton is starting her 10th consecutive term as clerk. Frampton then administered the oath of office to Mayor Haney, and then to Theresa Kelly, who is starting her 12th consecutive term as city auditor. The clerk then administered the oath of office to Rick Knouse, who is beginning his ninth term as constable. Amid some laughter, Mayor Haney later presented Knouse with $1, the annual salary that is set by city ordinance for the office of city constable. The clerk then administered the oath of office to Denny Albertson, who was elected 1st Ward councilman earlier this month. The position was most recently occupied by Reed Dupy, who chose not to seek a fourth term as ward councilman and was elected to the councilman-at-large position. The clerk then administered the oath of office to the remaining council members: Reed Dupy, who was elected councilman-at-large. Wayne Cunningham, who is beginning his fourth consecutive term as 2nd Ward Councilman; Tom Douglas, who is beginning his 10th term as 3rd Ward Councilman. Douglas was first elected in 1997, and has served all but two years (2007-2009) since then; Paul Howard, who is beginning his consecutive fifth term as 4th Ward councilman. The mayor then commissioned individuals to various positions: Police Chief Rick Knouse, Airport Manager Bill Kieffer, Parks and Recreation Director Josh Norris, Fire Chief Darrell Wright, and Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. The mayor and members of the council expressed words of appreciation to Administrator Holland, who will leave Chillicothe next week to become city administrator in Willmar, Minn. Holland and his family moved to Chillicothe in 2011. “His innovation and leadership has been very vital to the city of Chillicothe,” Haney said of Holland. “When it came time to work together, this administrator, your mayor and your city council all worked together as a team and that is what makes Chillicothe a great city.” Haney noted development of the water park, fire station, the fire training center, police station, and hospital as a few of the big projects that have taken place during the last several years. “I think that more was probably accomplished in the last five-and-a-half years in Chillicothe than has ever been accomplished in its history,” Haney stated. “When you think of the costs of all those facilities and what was done and the honors, and awards and recognition, you’ll see, we’re a pretty good city. We are the envy of a lot of people and I’m glad to have been a part of it.” Holland also noted the city’s developments but said that he could not take credit for them.  “Those are things that were going to happen here in Chillicothe whether I was here or not,” Holland said. “I was just proud to be a part of these projects the last several years. A lot of the events that have happened, I have been privileged to be a part of that.” The administrator also expressed appreciation for living in Chillicothe, where three of his children graduated from high school. “It has been special for my wife and I to watch them in all the events,” Holland stated. “I don’t think they would have been able to participate in the last city that we were in because it was a lot larger.” “Chillicothe will have some special memories,” Holland added. The mayor presented a plaque to outgoing councilman David Moore, thanking him for his service and commitment to the community and local government. “Sometimes, this can be a difficult job,” Moore stated. “The employees and department heads have made it an easier job for us. We have excellent employees and department heads.” “I have been privileged to serve the city,” Moore continued, noting the leadership of the mayor and administrator. “We did have a lot of projects. Those projects ran so much smoother because of Ike’s administration.” In addressing the council, Moore offered a parting thought. “It’s important to take care of the day-to-day operations of the city, but it is also equally important that we look to the future,” he said. In closing out one term and beginning a new term, Dupy stated that he had thoroughly enjoyed the past six years. “I think we have accomplished much,” he said. “I appreciate the people of Chillicothe backing us in all our endeavors.” Cunningham also stated the he was proud to have been a part of the council and to have had the opportunity to work with Holland. “It tugs on my heart strings just a little bit to say good-bye to you, but I’m proud to have served with you on the council,” he told Holland. Douglas thanked Holland for his leadership and noted the accomplishments of the city. “He has done more for this city than any administrator we’ve ever had,” Douglas said. “I’m going to miss him.” Douglas also noted that he has enjoyed working with Moore on the council and that he will be missed. Howard expressed appreciation for having worked with Holland, as did City Auditor Kelly. “I don’t always agree with you,” the auditor told Holland, “but, it really has been a pleasure and I am really am sorry to see you leave.” Holland’s last day on the job in Chillicothe is Friday, April 21.