Build a Better World, the adult summer reading program at the Livingston County Library, begins June 1 and runs through July 31.

Build a Better World, the adult summer reading program at the Livingston County Library, begins June 1 and runs through July 31. There are a number of ways to participate this year. There is no sign up required. Enter by submitting a ticket each time you check out and read a book. You can also participate by completing a Tic-Tac-Toe sheet and turning it in. For each item you complete on the Community Activity Sheet, you can place a “kindness note” on the library’s Community Board; just write down the nice thing you did and put your name and number on the back. When you complete the activity sheet, turn it in for another chance in a prize drawing. “If you do something positive or helpful for someone or our community in some way, please add it to the Community Board even if it’s not on our activity sheet,” said Kirsten Mouton, with the library’s adult programming department. Put your name and phone number on the back and you will be entered for a prize drawing, she added. Weekly prize drawings will be held for reading tickets submitted. There will be grand prize drawings at the end of the program for all participants. To go with the library’s theme this year, the library is hosting three programs. You can submit a ticket for each one you attend. Thursday, June 29: Save It—Fix It. Claire Ashbrook of Strata Architecture + Preservation is here to discuss common problems faced by owners of old buildings. She will have some solutions to help us! If you are interested in saving historic structures, this is a must attend program.  Sunday, July 9: Got Time? Stop Procrastinating! Mona Raglow of Raglow Enterprises in Kansas City will be here to help us get the right things done at the right time. She’s the Queen of Implementation. If you feel overwhelmed, this is a talk you must hear! Thursday, July 13: Organize Your Kids and Their Toys! Simplicana’s Eliza Cantley is back(!) to help us bust the clutter of our children’s toys and rooms. Get some tips for keeping it together! The library is also hosting three “Kindness Drives” in July. Declutter and Donate (July 10-16) Clean out your closet or a drawer or your garage! Donate the items to a local charity such as RSVP, the Salvation Army, or the Calvary Baptist Clothing Room. Food Drive (July 17-22) Donate non-perishable, canned or boxed food items to the Food Pantry at the corner of Locust and Ann. Care about Our Pets (July 24-31) Be kind to animals! Drop off donations of much needed supplies at our local animal shelter at the library. See our list of acceptable donations. For more information, please contact Kirsten at 660-646-0547 or stop in and pick up a brochure.