A fundraising event has been set up for a Braymer man whose legs were amputated after a strep throat infection spread to his bloodstream in March.

A fundraising event has been set up for a Braymer man whose legs were amputated after a strep throat infection spread to his bloodstream in March. Christopher Hendley is a 32-year-old father of 3-year-old Isabella. He is the son of Tabitha and Tim Foley and the late Gary Hendley. He is originally from the Cowgill area and graduated from Braymer High School. Up until his illness, Chris worked full-time as a broker/dispatcher for a transportation company in the Kansas City area.

A spaghetti dinner and auction fundraiser for Chris is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, at the Braymer C-4 School. The dinner will be from 5 until 7 p.m. A silent auction will be from 5 until 8 p.m., with a live auction to follow. Donations of items for the auction are being accepted by contacting Sandy Oyler at 660-973-2497. A bank account, Courage 4 Chris, has been established at PonyExpressBank, 213 N. County Road A, Braymer, MO 64624.

Three months ago – on March 13 – Chris went to an Urgent Care facility and was diagnosed with Influenza A and strep throat. He was given an antibiotic and Tamiflu. Four days later, on March 17, Chris was not feeling better and had a sudden foot and leg cramp. The next day, he was taken to North Kansas City Hospital. His right foot was cold, clammy, numb and white. While examining him, medical personnel could not find a pulse in his right foot. While using Doppler to detect blood flow, it was discovered that Chris had zero blood flow in his right foot. He was taken into emergency surgery at which time the surgeon found hundreds of blood clots in his right leg. After seven hours in surgery, they could not get all of the blood clots removed. Chris was then taken to ICU with a vein catheter, in hopes of dissolving some of the blood clots. The doctors were still trying to find the cause. On Sunday, March 19, Chris was again taken to surgery to remove the remaining blood clots from his right leg and now his left leg as well. Chris had zero blood flow from the knee down in both legs. Six hours in the operating room and all blood clots had finally been removed, but still no blood flow. Once he was returned to ICU, he was placed on 24-hour dialysis. His kidney function was at zero, his liver was in shock and he was placed on a ventilator unable to breath on his own and kept very sedated. It was learned that the strep bacteria had gotten into his bloodstream and caused his blood to coagulate and, because of gravity, the blood clots went to his legs. With this information the medical professionals could start the proper treatment. However, after many tests, procedures and attempts to get the blood flow back into his legs, none were unsuccessful. On Friday March 24, Chris had a bilateral above-the-knee amputation. On March 30, he was moved out of ICU and on to the renal floor to continue dialysis and start hyperbaric oxygen therapy. On April 12, Chris was moved to in-patient rehabilitation, working hard with physical and occupational therapy and continuing hyperbarics. On April 22, Chris returned home with his family. Chris has Type 1 diabetes and had been in great health up until March, according to his fiancé, Carly Graham. “He is healing very well, and has a prescription for prosthetics,” she stated. “He currently is waiting for the proper funds to be able to start the process due to no longer having health insurance.”