Chillicothe Kiwanis Kids Day Parade September 16, 2017 – 66 Years Winners:

Chillicothe Kiwanis Kids Day Parade September 16, 2017 – 66 Years Winners: Individual Girls: 3rd Place – Bunny Wrangler – Marilyn Mercer 2th Place – Pirate Fairy – Emberlyn Forck 1st Place – Scarecrow – Kylee Link Individual Boys: 3rd Place – Tool man – Bentley Thomas 2nd Place – Pumpkin Jack – Ryan Schuler 1st Place – Colonel Sanders – Clayton Link Small Group: 3rd Place – Wild Hogs – Bentley and Ledger Vickers 2nd Place – Rock, Paper, Sissors – Max and Matilda Chambers and Carter Shipers 1st Place – Candyland – Decker, Hadley and Harlow Rardon Large Group: 2nd Place - UP – Liam Carlson, Link Burton, Cambden Williams and Colin Carlson 1st Place Rogue Two – Garrett Wheeler, Collin Wheeler Emerson Staton Hayden Barnes, Ben, Ella, Ana Cady, and Josiah & Sam Kerner There were 25 entries with 44 children participating this year which is the same number of entries as the previous year and was only two children short of the previous year. According to Mr. Tom Tingerthal, who provided the music and did the announcing, this was the 66th Parade the Kiwanis Club has put on for the children. Each year the Chillicothe Kiwanis Club puts on the Parade as a fun activity for the children of the surrounding area. Prizes are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of each category. The children who did not win one of these prizes still receives a nominal prize and of course all are served ice cream which is donated by Laurie and Joe Hardie. Mr. Joe Hardie was the Parade Chairman this year with the assistance of several members of Chillicothe Kiwanis Club and the 6 Chillicothe Key Club members and their sponsor, Mrs. Rachel Wheeler. Mrs. Alice Swartz said the Kiwanis members said this was another successful year. There was a lot of creativity in the entries this year and it was a beautiful day. The Club wants to send out a special thank you to the Judges who said it was a hard job but they enjoyed it and to the volunteers who helped block the streets for the parade route. A big thank you to the Chillicothe Police Department, The Chillicothe Emergency Services and the Chillicothe Middle School Band for their time and assistance.