The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to 2,273 total EMS and fire calls last year. That averages out to a little over six responses per day, regarding anything from structure fires, to storm watches, to HAZMAT and medical calls, and more.

Late Thursday morning (Jan. 3), Chillicothe Fire Chief Darrell Wright released his department's 2012 year-end report, which included a count of the different call types responded to by the CFD, as well as a listing of achievements, throughout the entirety of the past year.

The largest number of calls responded to by the department in 2012 (well over 80 percent) were EMS (emergency medical service) calls, which totalled 1,840. The next highest total was in the lower hundreds — fire code/safety inspection responses, at 141. The department responded to 89 customer service calls, 41 structure fires, and 32 tree/brush/grass fires.

Nineteen calls were listed as "false alarms." Reported mutual aid was provided to other entities on 18 occasions in 2012. The lowest number of responses came from "Strom Watch" calls. Only two instances are mentioned within the report.

The full list is as follows:

Carbon monoxide related calls 14

Rescue other than auto extrication 04

Customer service calls 89

Install new smoke detectors 11

Fire code/safety inspections 141

Spill leak/ hazmat no fire 17

Structure fires 41

Outside of structure fires 11

Tree/brush/grass 32

Smoke scare 10

Auto extrication/rescue 12

Automatic alarm system malfunction 06

Automobile fires 06

False alarms 19

Storm Watch 02

Mutual aide to others 18

EMS calls 1840


The department hosted several events in 2012, including a public open house for their new station, a community-wide Storm Spotter Class, a Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee meeting, a 240-hour Fire Fighter II class, a foam class for local firefighters, a regional Agriculture Terrorism Class, a regional EMS safety class, a regional live training exercise, and several teleconference training sessions.

Chief Wright was designated to several high-ranking positions within the state this year, including to his second term on the Missouri Fire Chief's board of directors. Wright was elected the chair of the Region H Homeland Security Oversight Committee, and was appointed to the regional Child Advocacy governance board.

Via the department, several upgrades were made citywide, including the ordering of a new city ambulance, bringing of the department into compliance with Federal regulations on narrow banding of communications equipment, starting of the grant process to upgrade the city's storm shelters, completing the Chillicothe storm siren replacement project, adding a new cardiac monitor with transmission capabilities within the department, obtaining a rehab station and light tower unit for the department, purchasing new rescue tools for the department (which have yet to be delivered), and updating ambulance billing procedures and Emergency Operations plans (which were approved by SEMA).

They applied for and were awarded a $3,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation, applied for a FEMA fire grant, obtained "StormReady" designation for the city from the National Weather Service, applied for and received the MIRMA Safety Award, and had the department certified as a Safe Haven for Newborns.