One-hundred and seventy-nine babies joined the world within the obstetrics unit at Hedrick Medical Center in 2012, including a set of twins.

According to Laura Warren, patient care manager, OB at Hedrick Medical Center, of those babies 84 were boys and 95 were girls.

Of those 179 babies, the most popular boy's name was Jaxon, followed by Brayden, Carter/Carder and William.

The most popular girls' names: Sofia/Sophia/Sofie was the most popular, with Emma being the next in line.

According to a popular baby site online, BabyCenter, Sophia was the most popular girls name in all of 2012 in the U.S., while Jaxon (or some variation of the spelling) was ranked number seven in the U.S.

The months of February and December brought in the most births at 21 per month.

How does last year's number compare to years before? In 2011, 150 babies were born at Hedrick Medical Center, while in 2010, 184 babies were born, the highest in the last three years.

There are two OB/GYNs at Hedrick Medical Center who deliver babies: Dr. Delos Clow and Dr. Yulia Vaksman, who joined Clow in October 2011. Hedrick Medical Center is located in Chillicothe and is one of only a few area hospitals that deliver babies, including Trenton and Cameron.