Spring is almost here, it is time to spruce up Boonville!

The snow is melting, we lost an hour of sleep and the birds are singing; this can only mean one thing- Spring! I am certainly ready for some warmer weather and a chance to feel some warm sunshine. Luckily, in a couple weeks I will have an opportunity to warm up in the sun and do something good for Boonville! Saturday, March 30th will be the 3rd annual Pick Up Boonville event. Last year we had over 200 people help us clean up the whole town and it sure looked beautiful for our spring visitors.  I hope everyone will consider joining us again this year.

Pick Up Boonville starts bright and early when team leaders check in at the Katy Depot to pick up supplies and maps. Once all the town cleaners are out and about, our fantastic volunteers will be busy getting lunch ready for everyone upon their return. Also, the Boonslick Groove will be warming up their instruments in preparation for entertaining us over lunch.

Last year it was astonishing to watch the pile of trash and recyclables grow as volunteers returned from cleaning up around town. In total, we collected 287 bags with litter, 110 recyclable bags, found 37 tires and thousands of cigarette butts. That’s a lot of trash.

But, before you discount this event, thinking that is nothing but trash- I have to say there are quite a few gems that make this worth participating. First, we give prizes away in various categories, so who knows- you could walk away with a great prize. Second, we feed you- who couldn’t use a free lunch? Admittedly, it may not be 5 stars, but it is really a good time. I think of it as more like a community block party with music and food- after all this bad weather, we could all use a little time together outside don’t you think?

If you have a church group, work group, book club, group of friends or any other grouping who would like to come together for this event, call Joan Read at 660-882-8877 and she will set you up. You don’t have to call ahead, you can also just show up the day of and we can set you cleaning. The event is Saturday, March 30th and starts at 8:00 AM- all the festivities are at the Katy Depot. Play Local, Shop Local, and Go (Pick Up) Boonville!