Chillicothe Municipal Utilities Board of Public Works approved a system average 8.1 percent electric rate increase. The rate increase is being driven by a 9 percent increase in wholesale power cost and a reduction of $384,000 in revenue received annually for our generating units from its power pool, according to CMU General Manager Jim Gillilan.

While the net effect of the rate increase on customers will vary by rate classification, the average residential customer using 800 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month will see an increase of approximately $5.30 per month. The effect on business customers will vary by usage and rate classification. The new rates are effective on bills received in April.

With this rate increase, CMU customers will be paying an average of 2 percent more for electricity than they did in 2008. With this increase, CMU customers have seen two rate decreases and two rate increases in the last four years.