I haven't touched the gym in a week and a half.

So I've had some set backs. My sister moved home from college and I now how no one pushing me but myself.  Also, the daycare at the gym closed, so I have no one to watch Corbin while I go to the gym.  One other thing has set us back this week and by us, I mean our whole family.

Corbin, my son, got sick last week.  We weren't sure what it was.  He ran a really high fever and kept complaining that his chest, head and stomach hurt.  I took him to the clinic and the doctor made him pee in a cup.  She found higher levels of a certain enzyme in his urine so she wanted to draw blood.  She called and said his blood sugar was normal, but his insulin and C-Pap levels were low.  She told us he has Type-1 diabetes.  We go in tomorrow for more blood tests, but she said its only to prove her point.  

This came as a shock, as neither Travis nor I have it and neither of our parents do.  Corbin is under weight and doesn't each much candy, but they said its a genetic thing.  I've been working to learn as much as I can all while trying to understand why him, how he's supposed to live with this the rest of his life and how much is this going to cost.  I've pretty much let this consume my life since he's been sick.

I can't help but think of how selfish I am.  I know there can be way worse things, but for some reason I can't handle the fact that my three year old will need to have his finger pricked or having to give him shots or having a pumped hooked to him.  There is a lot to think about and I need some time to myself.

I'm going to my mom and dads this weekend.  Both of my sisters will be there and they told me to bring my running shoes.  The 5k is in less than a month and I need to find my game face again.