A former Chillicothe resident arrested in Las Vegas, Nev. last week has been released.

A former Chillicothe resident arrested in Las Vegas, Nev. last week has been released. Blake Valbracht, 29, was arrested early Friday morning following the death of an unarmed security guard in the 800 block of Bridger Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports Valbracht was recently released from the Clark County Detention Center. "It's my understanding that Blake Valbracht was released without charges being filed at this time," Cox said. "That doesn't mean that charges couldn't be filed down the road. That doesn't mean they will." Cox said a difference in criminal laws between Missouri and Nevada is the reason Valbracht was jailed for days before being released with no charges. "Nevada's criminal laws are a lot different than ours," Cox explained. "In Missouri, we can hold somebody up to 24 hours without an arrest warrant. There, I think it's several days. They don't have to confer with the prosecutor or anything else. They can hold them at least three days without a warrant. What I basically got out of it is two people had a scuffle, somebody died, somebody's going to jail for murder. That is what's routinely done." After speaking to a detective in Las Vegas, Cox said he learned there is video evidence suggesting Valbracht attempted to assist the fallen security guard. "The allegation was pretty serious, but in talking with the detective it's my understanding that there was video and one independent witness that corroborated whenever this guy went down. Blake Valbracht immediately started yelling for help, for someone to call 911, and was giving CPR. In our line of work, whenever somebody's intending on hurting someone, they usually don't stick around, let alone try to give first aid."