Small Town Claim to Fame - Naches, Washington - Ted St. Martin - World's Record Consecutive Free Throws

The Small Town – Naches, Washington           Population 795 (2010 Census)

The Claim to Fame – Ted St. Martin – World’s Record for Consecutive Free Throws

In my fifty plus years I have seen some amazing athletic accomplishments such as  Jordan in the NBA, amazing catches in football, and astonishing feats in track and field, but I have to say, that the one sports record that I find nothing short of miraculous is Ted St. Martin’s record of 5,221 consecutive free throws.  Are you kidding me?  How on earth can someone make, let’s say, 200 in a row?  Even the best NBA players shoot about 90% if they are lucky and the record in the NBA is 97 by Micheal Williams when he was with the Timberwolves.   Now let’s review that number again.  5,221. It just blows my mind.

Here’s a little visit Ted had with Charles Kuralt years ago.