The St. Louis Cardinals begin a critical weekend series in Pittsburgh tonight against the Pirates.  The Cardinals have had two days off as they took Wednesday night’s finale against the Reds off and they had a scheduled off day yesterday.  The Cardinals had built up a good bit of momentum until Wednesday night’s nap so it will be interesting to see how they recover from that.  They will be facing a team that has seen its momentum shift over the past week or so and they have struggled offensively as well as with their starting pitching.  The Cardinals did get some bullpen help as they were able to acquire John Axford from the Milwaukee Brewers for a player to be named later.  Rosters can expand to forty on Sunday which could also benefit the Cardinals whose bullpen has at times showed the strain of a long season. 

The Cardinals need to get back to where they were before Wednesday because following this weekends series with the Pirates they head to Cincinnati for a four game series with the Reds before returning home next Friday to play the Pirates again. 

The Kansas City Royals are in Toronto for the weekend to face the Blue Jays.  The Royals have won five in a row but are still pretty much where they have been in the standings for pretty much the whole year.

As discussed here on Wednesday football season gets into high gear this weekend with most area high school teams playing tonight in the sauna-like atmosphere that has descended upon us.  Many schools have pushed back the starting times of their games to try to make conditions more bearable but that’s pretty much a lost cause on a day like today.  Missouri’s game with Murray State tomorrow night is available on pay-per-view for $40 for those people who have money burning a hole in their pocket.  It would be cheaper just to go to the game assuming there are any tickets left.  The big marque game for tomorrow is the Georgia and Clemson game in what will be one of the few competitive games of the weekend.  Well, I guess I should say one of the few games that looks competitive going in. 

NASCAR is in Atlanta for Nationwide and Sprint Cup races this weekend.  The Chase For the Cup will start in a couple of weeks. 

The U.S. Open tennis tournament continues this weekend with almost all the players who are supposed to still be there having performed as advertised. 

This is a shorter Friday blog than normal due to other obligations and I apologize for that.  There will be a major blog on Wednesday as we will get caught up on everything then and preview Truman State’s first game of the year next Saturday.  Thanks for checking out this and all the other blogs on the site.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!