Tailoring is a simple way to make clothes way more flattering.

"Most men typicality wear oversized clothes, not understanding the essential elements of a good fit or compromising fit for style," Amber Hamilton, managing director of clothing company Jaden Lam, tells Business Insider. "Shirts and sweaters are too big or too long and trousers are too saggy or bulky."

Jaden Lam is a designer clothing line specially sized and styled for men 5’9” and under. 

To demonstrate the importance of good fit for men of all heights, Jaden Lam provided some images of how tailoring can drastically improve your outfit. 

Take this oversized sweater and khakis. They appear sloppy and make the model look shorter than he is. 

The tailored version of the outfit elongates his frame and looks much more polished.

This business casual outfit is unflattering and dwarfs the model. 

The tailored version is much more professional and flattering. 

Wondering if you should get your clothes tailored?

Here are guides from Jaden Lam on how your shirts and pants should fit. 

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