Apple CEO Tim Cook called CNBC's Jim Kramer on the phone Thursday as part of a special 10th anniversary of Kramer's show "Mad Money."

Naturally, it didn't take long for the subject Steve Jobs to come up.

Kramer pointed out that even now, more than three years after Jobs' death, Cook still has big shoes to fill and can't help but be compared.

Cook admitted that it's impossible for him not to think about Jobs every day especially since Jobs' office remains enshrined at the company and is right next door to Cook's:

You know, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Steve. And he is still the core part of Apple. His DNA is deep in the company. And  his office is still next to mine, with his name on the door. And the values that he placed in here, and sort of the spirit that we are here to make the very best products in the world that enrich peoples' lives, that is still the centerpiece of this company.

On the other hand, Cook would also like everyone to know that Apple is very much in a post-Jobs era and the stuff that his teams are working on today comes from Cook's vision, not Jobs' ghost.

Cook put it this way, "You know, [we are] quite a ways away from, unfortunately, his passing.  And so there's been a lot of things that had started in creation after his passing."

Cook is particularly looking at pushing Apple, and the iOS operating system, into three new areas: health care, car, and home, he said.

Here's the full interview:

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