A video posted on Twitter by a taxi driver shows an Uber driver wrestling a man to the ground in London after he was allegedly attacked.

The scuffle took place at around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, The Evening Standard reports.

A spokesman for the car-booking service told the Standard that an unidentified man "ripped open the car door" to get to the driver as the car was stationary. The driver didn't have anyone in his vehicle at the time, and was on his way to collect a passenger.

The driver-side car door is visibly open in the video, but there's no evidence right now of how the situation unfolded. The footage only captures the tussle in full swing after the door is open.

Uber says the driver was acting in self-defence.

Here's the video:

Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager for Uber, told Business Insider UK via email: “We’re shocked to hear that an Uber partner driver was attacked last night in Soho. We are offering our full support to the driver who has gone to the police to report the incident. Thankfully the driver in question, whilst shaken up, is unharmed.”

The Metropolitan Police are aware of the video, the Standard writes, and spoke to two men in the area at around 8.30 p.m, though no allegations have been made. 

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